I wonder what he is working on!?

Maximillian tweet this https://twitter.com/maximilian_/status/867008230790017024
I wonder what he is working on! Maybe something for E3?


Nah. I think we will see new KI thing at Combo Breaker.

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Whens CB?

This weekend

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Teaser CB

Trailer and release(maybe other new stuff) E3

Even those I think it’s gonna be a short teaser we get at CB I do expect it to be a little more substantial in teases compared to what we normally get. A new Costume, character and an ultimate all in one quick package. Fingers crossed any ways.

I actually think we will have the character to play before E3. Something tells me if the KI Team were going to be at E3, they would have to do something bigger than a trailer for a character.

(TJ Doesn’t count, as that was also an announcement for Season 2)

We had Raam’s trailer last E3. But yeah it’s not looking likely for KI to even be at E3 this year although I’d love a S4 announcement. It just seems too quick of a turn around after giving us our final 3.5 character. Teaser this weekend at CB, potentially playable and I expect him/her/it to drop right before E3 personally.

Nothing ki related.