I want to know more about the history of the game

I am a big fan of Killer Instinct, there are countless hours I have spent playing, but I would like to know more about its history, that’s why I ask here if there are complementary materials such as comics online, some animated episodes or something like that?

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KI never had an animated series unfortunately. But here’s something for history.


And if you want to continue the story past the game, here’s a link to the official six-issue comic book series- it was a lot of fun!




There was also a comic book series released in 1996.

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You can look more info on them on Google


From what I understand though, this retro comic series was considered non-canon, even back then. Just like the Malibu Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter comics weren’t canon.

I think only the few official Nintendo comics were considered canon for Killer Instinct at the time.

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