I want a forza car and 7 year old jago in killer instinct

just like fighters megamix pictured below from sega saturn

and make the car small the fighters megamix car which is called hornet can do a shoryuken and other moves forza car because right now killer instinct feels like fighters megamix 2 and the other ideas i have is make jago into a 7 year old boy fighter fighting regular jago like kid akira vs akira or kid sarah vs sarah i also want someone in a costume like disneyland mickeymouse costumes in disneyland themeparks like pluto and donald just like deku from fighters megamix

or replace 7 year old jago with 7 year old the karate kid or 3 ninjas

… Um, no thank you…

No, reverse mermaid

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it seems you’re asking for the pocket fighter mode for KI, right?