I think it might be time to move on

I think Shin Hisako shows that it might be time for a new KI dev. IG’s ideas are getting pretty stale. When a developer gets tired of a franchise everybody suffers. Killgore wasn’t all that great either. But Shin Hisako is just a bad idea. A katana wielding character had so much potential. And we get freaking Shin Hisako? Couple that with the not that great ultimates… and it’s clear to me that creative juices at IG just aren’t flowing like they used to. Now I’m not trying to bash IG. They’ve done some great work on KI in the past. But I’m just being honest. If I was putting out work that people thought was sub par, I’d want to know the truth. Hopefully I’m wrong and they’re saving all the good stuff for the sequel…


Funny because Shin hisako has as expected extraordinary gameplay that no one in the cast has. I don’t know how people can say that they lost creativity or something like that when shisako is throwing around orbs that can affect both her mobility and her offense at the same time that can be moved at will creating both accessible easily used setups as well as complicated 50/50 guess setups


Creative juices aren’t flowing? Did you see the gameplay reveal? Almost thirty characters and still everyone has unique gameplay.


I’ll be taking several seats beside this game for along time.

“IN MY OPINION.” I’m still loving the game, still having a blast at the new additions and according to Rukari the numbers have reach an 8 million player base.

I think it might be time for YOU to move on. I’ll half-reference Aria here, Evolve or Get Out, lol.

I’m serious though, the change isn’t for everyone I can see that, but I love KIs growth since I started. Sure a lot more gimmicks, but the passion of the developers show during development for the game.

Iron Galaxy took in a game that was surely only going to end at Season 1 and extended the lifespan with creative design and features to last us a few more years. If KI4 happens, I want them to work on it with a bigger budget.


I would like to remind you that IG is mostly focused on gameplay, MS studios finalizes story and character designs.

As for ultimates I see where you are coming from but I respectfully disagree.
So far the ultimates are pretty good baring TJ and I’m a little disappointed by Fulgore, I’ll wait to see more before passing judgement, (they promised a comical ultimate next and that’s what I really wanted ultimates to be all along :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Am I hearing this right? They showed off fulgores ultimate?!?!? Or is it his inclusion in the incoming ultimate pack that has you disappointed

No they definitely showed it, then said, “I’m hitting publish on youtube right now”; but it doesn’t appear to be on youtube yet for some reason.

He flies in the air using his feet & elbow rockets (cool) then just does a bigger than average devestaion beam… (cool but not really anything new).

^This. She’s like a burst-aggro character. She’s outside your range, then suddenly she’s in your face. She slaps you around, then just like that, she’s out of range, again.

During that stream I was telling myself that IG maintaining the creativity even after season 3 and 3 years makes KI really special.


He flies in the air using his feet & elbow rockets (cool) then just does a bigger than average devestaion beam… (cool but not really anything new).

The really cool thing to me is the extreme zoom out. Fulgore’s airborne on the left side of the screen. The opponent is grounded on the right as a silhouette to show the opponent being vaporized. That’s screenshot material, right there.


Gameplay wise I think her concept is awesome. I don’t think it has anything to do with a lack of creativity, it’s budget. Lot’s of reused animation. I want for there personally to be a Season 4, but it could be time to start developing a new version of KI?

Most Ultimates really only look like overpowered special moves

Yeah but with Jago’s it’s like going from a 2 to an 11.
Fulgore’s is like going from a 10 to an 11.

Why do I get the feeling that people this upset over the katana character being Shin Hisako (which was for some reason surprising to them) are just upset they didn’t get an original character to appease the weeb that they are? :smirk:

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I could completely be mistaking lack of creativity for lack of budget. But I would loved to have seen an awesome looking samurai wielding that katana. Or maybe even a human non ghost version of Hisako with a different stance.

Western game
Character is Japanese
lel you weebs are mad

Do you even know what weeb means?

Yeah, no

Shinsako it’s bonkers, I love her, and gameplay wise, it’s madness and really creative

Thanks IG, keep the great work you are doing


Yes… If you couldn’t tell I’m being facetious.

yep she is great. i see a lot of shinsakos in ranked in the future. she will be very tough.

sure i was facetious too