I think I found a hidden weakness in Kryll shield

So we all know that the only thing that can beat a Kryll shield is a shadow move or multiple physical attacks. While I was fighting a Jago as RAAM I found a massive exploit to ignore the Kryll shield. If any physical attack does connect with the shield, the Jago (or really any character) can simply cancel into any shadow move and blow through the shield. And this was always a threat because of how often Jago builds meter. I didn’t really know what I could do or how to get around it and ended up loosing 18 matches in a row (granted this Jago was a god).

I guess a way to alter this would be changing the meter gain on Kryll shield absorption. As it is right now, if an attack is absorbed by the Kryll shield, both players gain meter as though the attack had been blocked. If this changed so that only RAAM got the blocked amount of meter while his opponent would get meter as though the attack had connected, I think this would help with this issue. @TheKeits was a change like this ever considered? Or would RAAM simply seem too powerful with this in play?

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I don’t think you can cancel normals into shadow moves on kryll shield hit. Could you maybe test it to make sure?

It doesn’t have to be a shadow move. Special canceling any normal will blow right through Kryll shield. It only absorbs one hit.

Yeah, I realized this playing against Raam last night in a set. I was playing Tusk, and would fish for kryll shield with st.HP. Once I saw the shield, I’d instinct cancel and do shadow DP into nonsense, so st.HP->instinct cancel->shadow DP->random strength down slash->shadow DP. Because of the absolutely stupid damage on st.HP, that basically worked out to be a 50% one-chance any time I had two bars and instinct. :hushed:

Sounds like super fun times!

The worst part about the move is that once RAAM gets to the grab part of it - not only is it throwable, but it also loses its Kryll Armor property altogether. This means that it will never beat things like Inferno, or Rashakukens that linger around Omen. That doesn’t make sense, because it seems like it’s designed specifically to beat that type of move (absorbs infinite number of projectile hits).

I just like that I can ruin/s.ruin right through it. :slight_smile:

Haha. It was indeed :smile:

I misspoke then, he was cancelling heavy wind kick into shadow endokuken. this would blow through the shield on hit or be relatively safe on block.