I think eyedol needs to return

I think that eyedol needs to return so we can have that great boss that is hard to deal with and if it comes to it you don’t have to make him playable we just want him in the game


I’m sure they will

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My bet is his comeback in Season 4. Do you really think they’re going to stop with Season 3? I don’t think so.


Nooooooo! They can remake Eyedol! If Eyedol get remake, he would be better than before.

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I’m all for bringing him back, but like the developers, how exactly should we go about doing it? The Harryhousen aspect is a tired and overused idea that’s no longer current or relevant. So, how would you fix that?

As long as he is a two headed cyclops I’m good with what they do to bring him back.

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season 3 needs Eyedol featuring at it. Otherwise season 3 will be very bland. We need something to really get attention from the people.

That’s what Rash and the other guest are for. Anyone who cares about Eyedol is already playing the game.

I agree.

I think the team can give him a good redesign though. Spinal is a character that I really didn’t like in terms of appearance in KI or KI2, he just seemed very bland and bare bones :wink: in terms of design, yet in this KI they added to him and actually managed to make him my favorite character in the game. Obviously thats just based on my personal taste, but because of that I have faith that this team can make Eyedol look awesome. They did it with every other returning character :slight_smile:

Lack of one character will make the entire season bland? That’s a terrible outlook you have.
As said by @SithLordEDP, anybody who cares about Eyedol has been playing the game since release/when they had the chance. The question is how to make him playable and enjoyable in the new game without making him too cheap. Sure he can be cheap as hell in the ladder mode, but it shouldn’t be the same in single-player.

i should be more clear there but here it goes: No Eyedol Vs Gargos = bland times. Can i elaborate some more?

Rash is nice and alll but we need something dope as this deadly clash of old bosses.

As I said before I have hope that Eyedol will come back. And he wont be a boss obviously, he will be like the “rest” trying to take down Gargos. I am 100% sure IG and MS can think of something like that for him.

well let’s think about this, what made Eyedol cheap in the first place? now we take that and apply to his new gameplay but change what made him cheap to make him LESS cheap. : U

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I don’t think its possible to make him playable and cheap, that’s the thing. Remember Boss Shago? Not playable but really cheap and difficult to beat.
Aria is also the boss of S2 and she’s definitely not cheap.
In my own opinion, while I don’t care that much for Eyedol, bringing him back would be a challenge for IG but one they can quite easily do. He could be the special character for this season like Omen or Shago or he could be the final character they release. Whatever the case, the moveset will be interesting to see.

UMM Damn straight i want him playable lol… Just imagine what he potentially could be…

**Every great and continuing epic good vs evil story is about a returning villain.

Season 4 will bring Eyedol.

You guys are being baited.

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It’s a whole new game really for all we know it is possible to change

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Oh yeah I think he would have to be created as a regular character and properly balanced too, unless they decide to make him an unplayable boss, then he can be as cheap and broken as can be lol

Just maybe he can be the secret boss for S3 story mode just like SHago was for S1 story mode??? Then on down the line they can make him a real boy? (If they haven’t already)

I was disappointed that S2 story mode did not have a secret boss battle with the same stipulations to getting there as S1 Shago…(It could have easily been Omen and should have been!)

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