I suddenly lost all my level save data

So i decided to play some KI today but suddenly a message appear saying “which device you want to connect to: Xbox or cloud” so i pick xbox like always to connect to my account but then when syncing it says “there was an corrupted problem with your syncing, would you like to save over your old one” or something like that and i clicked no and retry but it kept bugging again and finally it work but now i lost ALL my data progress! My level was 41 and now 1, all my characters level were reset to 1 now. I uninstalled and re-installed but no changes.

I’ve been a player since 2018 to 2020 now and can’t believe i lost all my progress

How the heck am i getting these problems all of sudden? Please help ):

@KRAKENJIMMY will be your best bet to get your save progress back, if possible.

He’s advised before that if that kind of a message comes up, bow out to your desk top or Home Screen (Alt+F4 and shut the program down on PC, Xbox Button and close Killer Instinct on Xbox One).

Im on the pc, so wait I have to uninstall the game again and do the same again on the xbox one? and i can’t do it on my xbox since i gave it to my brother ):

In terms of the advice he mentioned before, I meant that’s what you should have done when the message first came up :(.

You could always try uninstalling, but if the save data in the cloud was already overwritten, then you’re out of luck on your own.

Waiting for KrakenJimmy to reply and, hopefully be able to help you, is your best option.

I just sent the message, now i just gotta play the “waiting game” lol :sob:

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Good luck, and I hope he’s able to help you!

Or worse case scenario, just play it from the beginning again :sob:

Yes. At least it’s only cosmetics and doesn’t affect the actual gameplay.

Still sucks, don’t get me wrong.

And now its only been an hour and still no response from @KRAKENJIMMY man must be pretty busy i guess :disappointed:

Edit: scratch that, 2 hours actually lol

He was a developer on the game, not support, but he does try to help people here when he can.

He’ll reply when and if he’s able, but it’s not going to be instant as this isn’t his job.

You could always try Xbox Support, I suppose. They might not be the right ones to help you, but they may be able to point you in another direction.

thanks but xbox support ain’t gonna be much help i bet. If uninstalling and re-installing it doesn’t help, then there’s no point. honestly idk why the creators would create system to overwrite a save data or simply create a backup system to recover lost data or account from pc to xbox instead, thats just my opinion of course

That’s terrible and must be horribly disappointing, I hope you can find the fix (it’s so weird it can happen like that at all!). In the meantime, in a seeing-half-glass-full kinda thing, you can now face opponents in ranked without them suspecting how good you truly are, and surprise them! :wink:

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I just did that, i faced a rank 50 and beat him 2 times and got angry until he beat me…he did 2 to 3 lol :laughing:


Did he go on a teabagging frenzy and do 4 passive-agressive ultras? :rofl:

nah more like doing taunts and instantly left after beating me a 3rd time. He didn’t even want to have a fair rematch to make it even 3 to 3 lol can’t blame’em. Everyone is a sore loser even me sometimes ahah :rofl:

But still it’s been 2 days and still no response from KrakenJimmy :disappointed:

Hope he responds soon to help, or i might as well just keep playing and not worry about it i guess since its only cosmetics :thinking:

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I’d say keep playing, and if he replies and is able to help you get your stuff back, that’ll be great.

If not, you’re starting the process of getting everything again sooner rather than later.