I suck at the Sadira matchup

I suck at the Sadira match-up bad. Like I’m lucky I’m I can take a game or even a life bar. I don’t understand which way to block or when to attack. I just don’t understand the match up at all. Every time I’ve played the matchup i havent gotten better so please can you explain this match up to me and what should i do.

What charater do you use?

I use Maya, Fulgore, Rash

Before Kan Ra and Hisako Sadira was one of the characters I disliked the most. My issue agaisnt many KI characters has to do with their so different playstyle which was abcent in this saga but it’s not that uncommon in other fighters.

Sadira being super air rushdown character she is a real threat in the air and her cross ups are insane and tricky. Her heavy kick hitbox is annoying as hell because of how confusing it is to react to (I sometimes think she will whiff or I think I can punish it but I can’t). So, my advice is: keep an eye on her position and block against where she is mostly located in the screen.

Her wake up game isn’t that strong and even so many say she is very bad in the ground she has some nice pokes, however you have better (with those characters). You will have to work on your defense and learn to punish her.
Check what they do with the character in the lab, does your character have an air to air move that beats her? because that’s a way to put her back into the ground.

Most Sadiras will use the kunai and jump cross up. See if your character has a way to punish that. If you are in the corner with a character like Fulgore (who has an invencible dp) there’s no way she can cross you up, in that situation she can only grab you or hit you in the ground.
If you can also take advantage of any Sadira player here to play some sets and try those characters. See which one is the best for you to use, then take that knowledge to the training lab. You will get better, no doubt.

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Your goal no matter the character is to keep Sadira on the ground, and if possible in a corner. While Sadira has good pokes, she is virtually helpless once she gets cornered, as she has few options to exit.

You can deflect most of her air attacks with Maya’s standing HP (the one where she waves her daggers above her head).

Fulgore has his DP (if timed right).

Rash is Rash… er I mean, use Big Boot, providing you have meter.
Rash can also neutralize most of her kunai’s with his tongue.

When playing against Sadira, you have to be patient and watch her jump ins. Simply back dashing out of the way can ruin a lot of her stuff.

In the end much of what she does is incredibly unsafe (save once she gets into Instinct), so you can easily punish much of everything, IF you get your timing down.

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Well I didn’t know the rash stuff cause I never tried rash vs Sadira thanks.

Rash, in a few ways, is a better Sadira. He has a really good air game and it can make her life very difficult because he never sits still.

His tongue can absorb all of her kunai’s of which can negate a lot of her attacks. Lastly, he has a really solid ground game and if he can continuously pester her above her head, she has very options to get him off of her.

If you have mobile character you could always annoy a sadira player by counteracting her air game with your mobility on the ground. Aka, she jumps/web clings etc etc to you you could always just flee to the other side of the screen till she gets flustered then either tries the ground game or attempts to throw kunais or widows drop on you to stop your runaway.

Works best if you have the life lead.

If you want to have a few sets to run the rash v Sadira mu I’m down to help.

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