I suck at playing. Please Help with my shadow jago

Ive looked at the infil website, ive done the tutorial, but im still ranked as a button masher and I cant beat anybody at silver.

Can someone please teach me how to “PLAY” this game? I know how to press buttons, but I dont know how to PLAY.

How do you play footsies? What are the fundamentals? How do I approach as this character? What do I do when they do this? What do I do when they do that? What can I do if this or that happens?

I am a blank slate and I have no background in fighting games except this. Can someone please help me?

Hey @FGCSlamjam :slight_smile: I understand what you are trying to say and I can help.

Is it possible for us to talk on xbox live?

I dont have a mic. Im on PC. My tag is FGC_Slamjam

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I play shadow jago. I can give you some tips.

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Ok, first thing you need to learn how to teabag proficiently …

…just kidding.

Personally I would say start off with Jago on training…make sure you can finish every lesson…it does a really nice job of laying out the basics. If you already have done this, great.
After that, I would say as far as specific Shago: with him your goal is to confuse your opponent, get up close, do mix-ups, and never let him figure out which way they should be blocking. This can usually be acomplished by a series of slides, dive kicks, surge moves and his dreaded pizza cutter. Also you need to understand that every special move he has is highly punishable if blocked, so like I said, keep 'em guessing.

Next personally I usually take a character I’m learning into survival (shadow survival would work too). IMHO the gradual AI increase helps a lot, plus it helps to identify the basic strengths and weaknesses of each match-up…I usually wait until I can get a character about 4 to 5 up from veteran before jumping into online (25-26 from beginner).
Other than that, make sure you’re blocking well, do combo breaker training if you feel you’re taking too much damage from long combos, and keep in mind at all levels you have to go through a lot of trial & error.
Anyway, best of luck.

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What he said ^^^^^

Complete the DOJO tutorial with Jago. Then transfer what you’ve learned to Shago and keep practicing. Keep reading as many threads as possible here on the forums… listen and watch when other s play on streams or videos. Just keep soaking up information about the game. Keep playing against shadows and humans…Id avoid the AI if at all possible.

GET A HEADSET/MIC and take up these offers from @DulXboxOne and others… if they offer to teach you, take it. Dont be scared.


As another pretty new player, I want to second and add to what @WrathOfFulgore said about trial and error.

Make sure to enjoy the game and your gradual progress, and don’t be too hard on yourself for the many mistakes and losses that will happen along the way. Many of the things you talk about (@FGCSlamjam), like footsies, correct responses to opponent behavior, etc., take quite a bit of time to ‘master,’ and you’ll always be learning. Have fun and good luck out there!

Feel free to add me if you like (Justlostmyphone) - it’d be great for you if you could get a mic sometime in the near future, but I wouldn’t mind jumping into some unmic’ed matches with you if you feel like it!