I struggle with the Linker

I was doing the Dojo on Jago and I always struggle with the Linker. I got the opening and auto pretty consistently but I can’t get the link 100% of the time. What is your secret to improved on your linker ?

Do you input the linker during Autos animation? If not, try doing so

As s0undy said. Think of the combo system as cancels from one move into the next. When you get better at the game you can start messing with timing, but the main thing is not waiting for the current animation to finish.

You can also turn on the UI for button inputs to see if you are pressing the right buttons.

I might be at fault. I think I am not inputting the proper movement or timing. The game doesn’t really tells you about the timing. It’s almost trial and error.

You have to input the linker during the auto-double animation. Auto doubles are 2 hits so there is plenty of time. Also note that if you hold down the button during the linker you get a heavy linker.
You might want to try Combo assist as well. Until you can get the timing down Combo assist will keep you going and learning while having fun.

Oh also, if you hold any medium or light linker, you’ll perform a heavy linker. Just something to take note of since you can’t use the heavy buttons for linkers unless you want an ender.

Combo assist felt like cheating but I am so much better that way. Also getting the fightstick connected again really helped last night.

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Yeah the linker section of Combos threw me for a loop too…

I eventually I figured out that when you perform a Light Auto double, the timing window to cancel into the Linker is significantly shorter… you essentially have to input your linker almost right after inputting the Light Auto Double…

And lastly… I’ve got lead fingers… I don’t tap buttons, I tend to hold them down for about half a second and that caused me to accidentally perform the Heavy Linker when trying to do the Light and Medium Linkers… so yeah… theres that too.

Don’t worry about combo assist, it’s no considered cheating. However if you really want to get better, it’s best to eventually get off it.

When I came back to KI in season 3 I used combo assist until Raams debut week. It’s not cheating I tell you that but you’ll be a much better player without it.

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Thank you guys. I managed to have 1 victory against a LVL 50 player last night. It felt good. That’s a major improvement for me.