I see the tier list and wonder how is Cinder a good match up for Tusk?

Correct me if Im wrong, but according to this


Cinder and ARIA are suppose to be a walk in the park for Tusk!

Personally, these are two characters I SPECIALLY struggle with as Aria projectiles are just too much for the big guy (even with Inmortal Spirit) and Cinder game-play itself goes around staying close and bugging you with crazy mix ups and cross ups all day long.

How is this favorable to Tusk? Please explain

Any tech against those two would be GREATLY appreciated

Cheers fellas!

I can’t offer specific advice on those matchups, but in general I would not take anything Eventhubs says about strategy seriously. Those things are horribly out of date and voted on by trolls.

I suppose the idea is that Tusk controls a lot of space Cinder wants to be at (his mid-range game controls an arc in front of his body, not just a straight line), and I imagine the damage output makes Aria cry if she (or her assist) gets hit by any stray Tusk button. But I’ve never played (or even seen, really) the matchups so it’s just a guess.


In B4 Geek gives you his logic on tier lists.

As for eventhubs, it’s a community driven list, which is highly prone to a bunch of inaccurate collection methods and high variance in opinions on how the matchup goes, plus most of it tends to be outdated.

Personally, the matchup doesn’t seem that bad to me. I kinda think Cinder and Tusk are pretty well off against one another. There are lots of factors to consider, but short answer, while Tusk has long normals and good range, Cinder’s long projectile range and tactics tend to ruin his deflect window gameplay and can really mess with him. Plus there are lots of punch commands Tusk relies on that if you burnout ender his arms, Tusk is really badly handicapped.

But I’d say that the match is decently even. Maybe a little in Tusk’s favor.


They’re called eventscrubs for a reason. Every tier list they have is horrendously inaccurate


They put Maya above Jago this Season.


Despite the buff to tusks’ shadow immortal spirit ARIA just kinda walks over tusk like it’s not an issue. Yeah the sword normals can hurt…but…you can use those to your advantage.

I enjoy the MU personally. Just let tusk hang himself all the time. Or just practice hitting the sword normals with specials and then it pretty much is better sailing. Plus shotgun buttons>tusk. Use and abuse those as much as possible.

Plus, I wouldn’t put too much thought into tier lists in general.

Lol eventscrubs. That whole site is pretty much a talking bung.

Infil has sound logic. Listen to bruddah Infil.

Sorry I can’t be a smrt right now.

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I definitely think Aria is a tough match for Tusk. But Cinder is mobile in the air and therefore vulnerable to Tusk’s godlike AA sword normals. Plus the combo damage differential here is enormous. Cinder probably has to open up Tusk 3 or 4 times to do the damage Tusk can do with one opening.

I’m sure Tusks ability to take out an Aria body with one combo is a big part of the the logic for the tier list too. But her tools are definitely harder for Tusk to deal with than Cinder, in my humble opinion.


I like to take a look to Eventhubs tier list from time to time. For the LOLs

Eventhubs tier lists NEVER experienced a reset when S3 launched. Maya retains her rating from S2, when she launched(broken as hell), Arbiter has no bad MUs, Kan-Ra retains his S2 ratings, Gargos retains his launch ratings(when PP was broken), Thunder being the worst character is ludicrous…

They are very imprecise, and as others pointed, they are voted by trolls.

In the matter of Tusk, people normaly has a gameplan, and execute it. Once a character demands you to change that, suddenly they are bad MUs.

Eventhubs Cinder players logic: Against Tusk I can’t go nuts and use air trailblazer for the win, so he has advantage
Eventhubs Aria players logic: If Tusk touches me, I could lose a body in 1-2 combos, so he has advantage

Of course, is not that simple. Cinder can control the ground very well with fired up Inferno, and pyrobombs can greatly conditionate Tusk approaches. And Aria has enough tools to mantain Tusk at bay.

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While Tusk can take out an Aria body in a lockout or counterbreaker, he has a real hard time starting anything and getting openers. Aria’s projectile is a nightmare for tusk and his jump is floaty enough that blade assist can take him out on reaction.
I used to lose with my Aria a lot against Tusk in the beginning, but then learned patience.
As @FengShuiEnergy said, Aria can shotgun blitz to whiff punish all of the Tusk mid-range buttons.

Ahahahahahahahahaha priceless

Tusk vs Blocking is a 2-8 matchup ;______;