I really wanted to like Season 3

It doesn’t feel or play well I find. I think the lighting was a big mistake because some characters have this white or this gloss over them that doesn’t look right like TJ Combo’s hair or head, Kim Wu’s hair has white lines at times. The black tones are way too dark.

On the matter of inputs, I feel there is a delay at times and the inputs throw me off and I drop combos or can’t do enders like when I’m playing Aria, Kim Wu, Jago. My controller is not broken since I tested it with other games. I restarted and hard resetted my Xbox, still persists. I really wanted to like Season 3 but I’m reminded so many times how many bad decisions went into this Season.

I feel like they were too pumped up by the great things they accomplished in Season 2 and rightfully so, but pulled a Ronda Rousey and got too confident.

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I found the Xbox version to have some bad frames/delays/input lagness when online too

So have IG addressed those issues for Xbox? Is there a fix coming?

some things get me vex like rank reset, but overall, liking it.

re-invigorated KI … but now it feels like work trying to rank up and not fun

combo system is too strong a signature for KI though, compared to any other game out there

can’t wait for Mira (hope the “twin of Maya” story isn’t forced), gargos looked kinda generic, but maybe he fights like a samurai

controls felt “tightened” on patch 2.13 too … not bad, just, you have to time the Left Stick with buttons tighter, kinda bad, but learn it