I quit the match in VS screen

Because he was silver and when he saw I was Killer he started whining pretty hard and I felt bad for the same reason I was put to fight against a Silver.
I think is the first time I do that, I don’t recall doing it before. I also remember quite well when I was silver and got to fight Flash’s Wulf. Of course I was destroyed and he said “that was a good fight”. The last time we fought we were totally even, back and forth Wulf match until the lobby disconnected (sadly, too far away to have a decent match). But as you can see , things changed. I wasn’t silver complaining all the time when fighting Killers. I didn’t like it of course, but even so I keept on going.

As a personal thought I don’t think destroying a lower rank, playing at 100% is quite fine. I do not play totally competitive unless I have too. I have no pleasure destroying people in lower ranks abusing things they can’t get. If I get the chance to grab them 4 times in a row, I will stop. Then I hope they go to the lab and check that out, unless they tech throw the fourth time, that’s my little help XD

I think the rank is very discouraging in games in general. I think some people would play better if they don’t know who are playing against (unless you know the name, heh). But I feel terribly bad when people lame quit on me, I don’t know if I should destroy them, tea…g them or triple ultra them or let them be (I won’t give them the match though, that’s not ok). When they lame quit I feel bad, that’s something I prefer it wouldn’t happen. No one should give up in a dumb match in a game that won’t change your life. Keep on going! what’s the worst that can happen? lose?? it’ll be ok, we all lose eventually.

Your philosophy for fighting players worse than you is very different from mine, haha. If I find that there’s something they don’t understand how to defend against, I’ll use it over and over until they lose, to reinforce that if they don’t learn how to defend against it they’re making it trivial for anyone to beat them once they learn that weakness.

When i think about it, I don’t hold back in ranked despite the rank. I’ve been qualifier quaked, bronze bodied, silver sniped and gold 'git-gud’ded so nah, i’m not on it.

Exhibition is a different story where, for me anyway, it’s about just playing some fun matches and i’m not doing all the stuff i’m capable of trying.

I think it’s best to just finish it fast :grin:

I try to be gentlemanly before and after a match. But during one… totally different story. If you give me an opportunity to punish you, I’ll take it. That being said, if I’m matched up against a lower rank (lower skilled) player, I do tend to “lay off the gas” a bit. Not sure if it’s sympathy, or if I just don’t want them to rage-quit on me.

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Hate to say this, but people who bicker and whine and only expect to win to the point where they leave at the sight of a high-leveled player are cowards. I don’t like being too harsh because I understand the feeling of being a loser. It is a terrible burden to carry to lose in a situation where the opponent is clearly miles ahead of your skill level. However, this only applies to a handful of players that I came across.

But, as I often like to quote, “the answer lies in the heart of battle”. Whether you win or loss, the answers to who you are and how you play are revealed every time you engage in battle. Sounds super cheesy but often times meeting someone above your skill level helps you figure things out you may have not otherwise against someone at your own skill.

That’s how it should be, you may lose but that is the natural cycle of fighting games. If you expect to go undefeated forever then you are deluding yourself. Losing mends your weaknesses and hones in on your strengths. If you want to win, expect to lose.

Nor do I. It is not as easy to understand how high-skilled players use tech. I cannot expect someone of a lower skill to know how Jago has great frame traps if I constantly abuse them in the corner. They may understand that something may be unsafe but not necessarily that they can constantly be punished from moves that normally shouldn’t.

This is why I play at a level suitable for the player. Not necessarily going easy on them as much as I am using moves that are difficult in nature but can be understood throughout the match. Similar combo strings, mixups, grabs, etc. moves that should be defended against.

Normally, though, I usually face players who lack respect for me. Not that it is a bad thing as it works against players who play crazy. However, because I am more of a reserved player, pushing buttons against me constantly means you will get DP’d often.

This is what I expect them to learn and some do, some even get the upper hand.

I only ever try if I get taunted/teabagged. Taunts are less severe unless spammed but usually they are reasons for me to use the extent of my knowledge of KI to make the match as excruciating for them as can be. A lesson in honor I suppose.

Well, it is especially if you are new, but there is a filter usually for new players. Even on Ranked, it takes a while because it attempts to match you up with a character of your same skill. But, you can’t live in fear from level. It may be an overview of who they are if you see Killer or a Pro-Star but the feeling of victory is even better.

I feel bad for them in a sense of pity. Because they will never learn with that mentality. I know I may be coming off as a total douchebag right now because of what I have been saying, but I only say it because that is who I once was. I would quit, I would find cheep ways to win, whatever it took to make myself look really good despite never exceeding in my skills.

To this day I have been stuck with terrible habits like first frame breaking or always waking up DPing, all because I didn’t force myself to learn and just expected to win all the time. This type of egotistical playing ruins players. That is why I come down harder on them because I don’t like to see them follow the same steps I took as a competitor.

I RARELY ever taunt and teabag unless I am constantly provoked, but even then it is hard to see me succumb to the salt. I end it quickly, I consider it a Warrior’s defeat. Ultra > immediate Ender.

Pride hinders this mindset sadly, as it once did for me.

I agree with this, although I am cautious of what I do. Like I mentioned above, frame traps is relatively difficult to comprehend in the midst of a match so I stray from it. I may often walk up throw or constantly overhead, that sort of thing. Enough where they can see it, but not so much that they don’t understand it.

I want to apologize if I came off as a tool in my post, I have no means to imply that I am a total jerk as much as I want someone who is new or learning to take the right steps.

I wasted so much time improving my ego where I could have improved my skill, for that I still maintain awful habits. So as someone who asked for helped, asked to be beaten down until I learned… I want to help others become great so that someday they can easily defeat me.

Sorry for the long post too, if you made it all the way, here’s a photo of a Pixie Frog.


That’s your problem.

Usually when I see someone whose known and we fight. I’m usually disappointed either be it wins or losses.


Simple. Don’t give too much of a care when facing strangers. What are they gona do? Send messages?

When I play lower ranked players the way I typically approach them is to look back at what I did with higher-ranked players when i was their rank. And in all honesty, I saw them as a challenge and learning experience. If I did good, great! If not, I tried to take note of any piece of gameplan they were using against me to know what to look for, how to utilize it, and so on. Of course I’ve been doing that since SF2 back in the day. But anyway, now I do the same as a high-ranked player, and I do my best to show them what’s possible, as well as work towards hurrying up and getting the match over so they can move on to someone their own rank. Now do they see this approach as a learning experience & me being considerate of them…probably not. But that’s ok… it doesn’t last long anyway.

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