I NEED YOUR HELP Anime Midwest Ki Tourney

Hey guys I need your help! I recently requested for Killer Instinct to be included in the tournament. BUT we need at least 8 people to join to get it kick started!!! Please leave your name in the comments if your gonna be there and are interested!!! It will take place sometime between July 7th through July 9th in Hyatt regency O’hare at Anime Midwest, exact times are not determined until about a week or two prior!!! PLEASE LEAVE YOUR NAMES DOWN BELOW IF YOUR GOING TO BE THERE OR ARE INTERESTED

You’re asking for help without information.

When is this tournament? Where is this tournament? What exactly does it offer?


Putting up the website for Midwest living KI players.

I dont live or will be in the Chicago area for this, though.

Although…the thing about free Ramen noodles is intriguing…