I need to start zoning with Eagle more

His rush down is fun and effective, but his zoning is just more effective period. @Infilament has been trying to tell us.


Idk about being more effective, but it should be more incorporated into his toolkit. Since he’s a slippery character, he can afford to stay back for a while chipping off damage. But that does not mean you should undermine his pressure. Its possibly one of the best in the game and would be a shame if people only stuck to zoning (which i often see). You also have to keep in mind the numbered arrows. You can simply block and just wait for them to run out or for the bird to go away. His zoning has some flaws although its very potent. A zoning Eagle is less effective then an aggressive Eagle but an all around Eagle is better then both combined.


The effectiveness of Eagle’s zoning will (like most things) depend on context. There are some times when staying away is the better immediate option, and some times when going in is the proper course. The trick is knowing when to pull out each option.

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It’s effective depending on the mu. Vs Jago it’s definitely a good idea to zone more.

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With every character, you want to make sure you’re utilizing all the tools that they have.

What MUs would make eagles rush down more effective than his zoning? Glacius, Spinal, Arbiter?

Actually, zoning against Glacius is not actually a bad idea

If he has meter, then do not zone him, since if you charge an arrow, he can just shadow shatter you. But if he is meterless, you can punish every hail with scatter shot, and you can bait Liquidize with the bird(or, even better, use screech to speed up your shots an get him off guard

Characters with teleports are of course a no to zoning(Fulgore, Spinal, Hisako…). Spinal can even just power devour from the distance

Rash is a pretty curious character. He has great mobility to avoid zoning with his tongue, but ALSO eats arrows with it, so it’s not unlikely that he could accidentally eat your arrows while trying to get close, which is terrible since you lose that arrow for all the match.

Actually, the question is more “who has tools to avoid Eagle’s zoning easily”. These characters are the ones against you should be focusing more in being up close/mid distance rather than trying to zone from fullscreen

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Glacius is extremely easy to zone against, it even preferred, floaty jump and projectile that can instantly negate hail.

Thunder can be easy to zone against as long as you’re wary of his DP.

Against RAAM you can be easily play as a hit and run.

Edit: Actually it’s not a bad idea to zone Hisako, you just have to do it differently. Use spread shot sparingly and just keep using charged arrows. She tries to wall jump, AA her. Teleport? Jump back and down arrow. Dash forward? Use screech or an angled shot. Hit her with unblockables. Other teleport characters however can easily foil your zoning.