I need some opinions

Man my son is turning 7yrs old on 3/27/16 and He plays ki more than I do and I wanted to get him one of the ki figures but my wife said that price was too much and he wouldn’t appreciate it but me on the other hand thinks he would be excited to get it what should I do

Who does he use? You can try asking him if he wants it. Ask him which figure.

Well, he’s 7 years old. And the KI figurines are just collectables that are just meant to stand around and be looked at. They’re not really toys, so I get what your wife means. Maybe not the best gift for someone his age.

I could be completely wrong though, I don’t know if it would be something your son would appreciate, so I am only going for what I generally know about 7 year-olds.


As someone who owned collectibles at 7 and as someone that has bought collectibles for kids: don’t do it. He’ll want to play with it or do something with it and they’ll just get broken or parts will go missing and it’ll just get thrown out. I think back to all the collectibles I ruined as a kid and I get really upset now as an adult because they would have looked awesome in my current collection.


He uses all of them really but he likes Shago he has all of the fighters he likes up to level 50… @SithLordEDP I feel you I might just order it for myself and give him the new color code because thats what he was talking about when I played ranked against a color 10 Shago he was in awe like what color is that lol


I think he would like the figure if you did decide to get it. But at the same time, I think he would like it so much he would end up playing with it a break it.

I think this would be the best choice. But really, this is a decision you have to decide on and make.

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All the cautionary words have already been said. I just wanted to commend you sir. Very thoughtful and cool, just maybe not the right idea given they are figurines.

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First of all, it’s awesome that you and your son play KI, and it’s awesome that you are interested in doing this for him.

The above is a great idea because he can still check out the figure, use the color in game, and you can make sure he doesn’t break it.

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That’s what I’m going to do even tho his birthday was yesterday I’ll order it tomorrow and give him the code

You can essentially cut the price of the figures in half if you sell the color codes. I did.