I need numbers

Hi there,

I am back to KI after couple of months of hard work in the office… I want to give to everybody a happy Killer Instinct Week.

I am just wondering if it is possible to have an option where you can see how many fighters are playing online. The reason because I am saying this is because sometimes is frustrating to not get matches and you are just wasting your time. Specially here in East Asia where there are not so many KI players… It could be nice to have it, in that way I can check the time more people play.


I would like that feature too. When I played the game with my friend, in Europe, it was a pain in the butt to find a match here in the afternoon. Only in the morning or relatively early evening you could find somebody. I guess the huge majority of KI players come from North and South America. That’s my impression.

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its not region locked so i dont see why being in europe is a problem. Im in europe and i find matches easily. Against people from the US too.

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I agree i barely play because i dont want to sit in ranked search waiting and waiting taking up all the time when i can play something else and find a match in minutes there needs to be a lobby/room browser for exhibition at the least where you can see people hosting and join like other fighting games

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In fact that’s what I meant. I played a lot of matches against US people more than european and, when I found matches against my same continental players, it was against the same few people (originalCK for being clear).

We should find more matches against Europeans before Americans. If this doesn’t happen, that means there’s a problem related to the presence of active players. No wonder I found more matches in the morning than in the afternoon.

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That is my feeling. Yesterday for example I just gave up to play some Gears… I just like play bottom A to look for a match and wait few seconds to get something, no more than 3 minutes.

Well, I just wanted to add: I feel I can find more matches when there is a good reason for players to play… For example: A new character arrived, double xp weekend, new trailer came out…

I hope KI gets more features. Because I love Shadows as a good replacement of traditional “online mode” but I hate not being able to play with Aganos (my main)… I guess I need to wait!

Not for much longer! It looks like Aganos’s shadow will be in the next update.

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Dito london here never ever find a problem!

I’m going on a theory here.

But, do you think by adding the total amount of players that others will take note and feel discouraged to play with the limited amount of people already on? By that regard, less and less people will get on with the exception of those who are heavily committed to KI. Which will then cause new players to ultimately be turned off by the game based on the players they compete against. Hmm… I wonder.

Still, it may just be your connection not being able to connect with others and maybe that will be fixed when more players get back on after some new features/characters are added. I would also suggest looking at your network settings and make sure your NAT is set to open.


I saw it! Awesome! So excited.

I get your point and you are right. Still I feel upset for not being available to play matches anytime I want. For some reason Thursday and Friday nights are good time to play…

About the connection, I dunno… I feel is okey, I play Gears and Halo MCC without any problem. My NAT is moderate.

From today till next week is vacations here! So I will be travelling. When I come back I will put my hands on that Update!!! I want to scare everybody with my Shadow Aganos :grin:

Yeah, a moderate NAT limits your ability to connect to other players. Try to get that opened and I’m almost sure your luck connecting to other players will change.

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