I need help! Who should I make my S3 main?

So far,everyone shown I want to main. Rash? Check. Already know a few stuff. One option. Kim Wu? Those mixups though. The nunchaku. The dragons. So awesome. And now the Arbiter? I also want to main him. I can’t decide. I need help. Better yet,give me 4 more arms,2 more Xbox Ones,and 2 controllers. Ability to multitask better also helps.

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Don’t know about Rash and the Arbiter I just don’t care for (don’t hate him just don’t care), but Kim Wu though…on point.

My new main is…


Good-bye to TJ Combo! lol

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Main the main man, Tusk, my friend. :wink: :muscle:

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Need to see him in action first. I might main everyone in S3.

Lets wait until more characters are revealed. There may yet be a character more awesome.

Eyedol…* cries *

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Rash. Because loopable thrusting.

I am going to wait and see what original characters they come up with this season, and what they will do with Gargos, but I am really leaning towards making Arby my main being a huge fan of the character and all.