I need help to activate my definitive edition in steam

I had bought the definitive edition in the Microsoft store, and then I saw that to activate it in steam, you had to reinstall the game, so I was going to do that, but when I was going to reinstall the microsoft store closes without letting me do anything, every time I get into something related to killer instict, I can attach photos that I have the definitive edition, but I would like to play it.

Thank you

Hello, thanks for playing KI and offering to share photos.

To clarify, KI Anniversary Edition in the Microsoft Store and on Steam are two different products. Which platform are you trying to play on?

If you can share the steps you’re going through to better understand which version you’re trying to download, we’ll do our best to help!

Hi, Thank you for your prompt reply, Well, I want to download from steam on pc, I had the definitive edition in the Microsoft store, according to the steps on this same page in the “help” section to “Activate” the anniversary version you had to reinstall the game, then I uninstalled the game, but now I can’t reinstall it.

Understood. If you’re looking to to play on Steam, you will need to search for Killer Instinct in the Steam store to download and play. You will see the free-to-play base game, Killer Instinct, or Killer Instinct: Anniversary Edition available. Owning KI Definitive Edition through Windows will not unlock KI: Anniversary Edition on Steam as it is a separate product.

Since you mentioned owning KI Definitive Edition in the Microsoft store, your account should be able to download KI Anniversary Edition in the Microsoft store. After uninstalling the game, what do you see or what happens when you go to reinstall it?

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Right now the “definitive Edition” is no longer listed in the Microsoft store, but anyway, when I try to install anything related to the game, like “Jago trainer” the application just closes, as if it crashed, I don’t know why that happens, but that’s the reason why I can’t reinstall the Definitive Edition, I even thought about upgrading to windows 11, to try to fix it (I also want to clarify that I have not done anything else, I never had problems before) Thanks btw

We’re here to help. We’re going to message you to collect some more information.

We were able to resolve this issue by making sure the user logged out and logged back in the Microsoft Store + Xbox App, rebooting the computer, and updating those two applications so they could play!

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