I need a volunteer

This will not be glamorous. I need a volunteer to help me with a little project. Should be about an hour or two total time.

Anyone dare to help?

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I totally misread the title for “I need a beer”.

Apologies, I am changing my kid’s diapers now. Anyone else can help our CM?

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Focus on that diaper so you don’t get splashed! I managed to avoid that trouble but I still fear the worst as my child progresses through toddlerhood.

It should come as no surprise, but I can likely assist you if you need it, @rukizzel; I will be home and near my PC/Xbox shortly.

Though if you’re looking for someone else feel free to tell me to kick sand!

I volunteer!

I’m available right now

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I can try if you need anything.

Picking a volunteer to be tribute… Thanks all!