I need a review of my video on how to improve

Hi there what is it that I could have done better in this video?

I am a thunder and this is how I play is this how I should play thunder?

General Non-Thunder specific stuff:
Anti airs are important.
Breaking could use some work.
Some more combo variety and confirming into combos.
Thunder stuff:
Mix Ups are important. Use your command grabs and overhead a bit more. (If need clarification on how,just ask)

Once you got those things down,you are better than a huge amount of players in KI. Then you go into the deep stuff. Also try dojo mode if you haven’t.


I’m proud of you. This is the most positive thing I’ve seen you post. Keep it up.


I’m not sure because i do not play thunder, but it seems you are forgetting to input some manuals, and you are not ending combos with finishers, you are interrupting it with with an ender before you get all the 4 green squares under the combo bar. This makes a ruge difference on damage %, instead of cashing 20-30% damage you could go up for 50-60% ore more.

^ ooh I see alright thanks I will note this.

It´s ok to interrupt if you feel you will get combo breaked and you are not sure if you can bait a counter breaker, but if you get a lock you must maximize the potential damage an cash the finisher with 4 squares and combo bar near max, this can change the tides of a match.

I see thanks

There was at least 1 opprtunity in that clip after a sammamish setup where you could’ve activated CotS, which would’ve given you more options on her wakeup for up to 8 seconds, but instead you chose to just stand there and do nothing instead…

Asking for advice on improving your game is a great thing!

This is a victory against a player of a fairly similar skill level to yours, so it’s not the easiest place to identify flaws in your game. As others have pointed out there are some pretty unforced lockouts (i.e. Getting locked out in not very challenging situations) so you should work on your combo break game. Also after you earn a lockout on offense you aren’t maximizing your combos. I think Thunders best bet is light ankle slicer to heavy AD for damage.

Finally, there’s a lot of jumping. Generally high level players don’t jump around nearly so much. Thunder has a good dash and a decent back dash for mobility along with a forward traveling DP that allows you to follow up. Try mixing up his mobility a bit more.

Thank you very much for posting this. I will review it later.

This is the kind of attitude we need. Thank you for not posting in a mean or angry way.