I must write this post, im very happy with you IG

I say all.
I must say, killer instinct now looks incredible good.
Im very happy with the color of the new shadows.
the new lighting engine is wonderful.
All the game have a look crisp now
Thanks keith, the re-balance is perfect.
Thank MS to dont let die this proyect.
Thank ADAM (i live in argentina and you send me a private message in old DH forums, the best boss ever and the best person to make charge of this proyect.)
Thanks to all community, the best in the world, to keep pushing in the right direction.
I be happy.
Very happy.
Since season 1 announcement (with dh), i dont be more happy.
Thanks atlas plug and celldweller (my new fav musician) for the melancholic and epic tusk track song.
I cant imagine a better game than this.
God bless all.
From a 43 years old men (me :wink: who live in argentina.
Fight on!!!

Gamertag : The Tiger Soul


This is one of those posts where I wish I could like it more than once. I agree 100%, the team really nailed Season 3 IMO. Cellwdeller and Atlas Plug also did great on the music, I swear I pretty much use Rash’s theme exclusively now lol

But yeah, what this guy said. Thank you IG, Microsoft, and everybody else involved with the game, its fantastic.


@SurfyBassoon421 im gonna add you, im from Chile maybe we can play together

yes i agree (except for the damn rank reset)

everything nice, lighting,character select, balances, etc