I miss the old Ultra combo speed

You know like this.

10:25. Wish that came back.


I miss the Ultras during the first KI showcase back in 2013 they really emphasized the musical notes and hits, beautiful.


I liked that too. What we have now is obviously faster. I liked the old version because yes it did capture the ultra of each character really well. That and in your vid jago’s ultra (after he instinct cancels and goes for the ultra and without adding the 3 tiger fury’s after the launcher) his lasts 9 seconds. Right now in the current game the ultra is 7 seconds. So they cut off 2 seconds really least for jago. I would love to have the ultra speed back to it’s old ways.

Man, retro customs aside, DH sure did know how to the hit the mark with their designs…


Yeah, everyone got a decrease in Ultra length, especially if you consider how slow TJs combo would be lol

Still, Ultras are the staple of KI so exaggerating them made sense.

That’s what I liked. That nice flow of the ultra, hitting the msucial notes well (even though they always do). Getting an ultra at that pace made them look really good. I never canceled ultras since the best parts were the music and just letting a character go ham on the opponent. Yeah TJ’s was 15 seconds. Big deal, that’s why it’s called an ultra combo. The big finisher.

The old speed was pretty sweet.

Agreed!, I demand they bring back the speed!

I’m fine with Jago’s current ultra speed, but I wish they bring back his old ultra music (the uppercut part anyway). Sounds more epic in my opinion.


I miss slo motion ultras and slo motion Enders

The music hits at the end of Jago’s ultra sound really good. Wish they would bring that back along with the slower speed.

Yeah those looked and sounded a lot better than the current faster Ultras we have, but they also take more time and when it’s so easy to do double and triple ultras now it would make matches way too long. I think there’s a way to get a better middle ground for a smoother pace, but I don’t see them backstepping and going back to slower paces Ultras.

Jago’s ultra now is only 2 seconds less then what it was before the change…I never understood the whole multiple ultras. It damped the finisher for me. Just do one, followup with some sweet move and use the ultra ender. Looked good, felt, everything was in sync. Not this “145 hit ultra, THAT’S AMAZING!!!” Yeah…if I wanted to do long combos like that I’d play marvel.

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