I miss KI

Hello men, i’m RDM, I switched to PS4 and I sold the xbox now for 8 month, but KI misses me a lot :frowning:
would be great of being able to play on ps4 again…

You could always save money for another xbox or get it on steam.

Get it on Win10 or Steam.

Yeah, there’s no chance of KI on PS4 I feel, mainly because of Sony’s old interviews where they basically said things like “We want nothing to do with our competitors” and “We don’t want people using XB1 games on PS4”. Even after they allowed Fortnite and Rocket League to crossplay with the other systems (which they only did because of the massive backlash they themselves caused) Sony’s statements still had a significant “you didn’t win” vibe to them.

Basically, even if MS was willing to let KI on PS4, Sony most likely ain’t. But it is on Steam, and the Steam version doesn’t require Win10 if I recall correctly, so at least you have that as an option.

Hi @Ravan86, so many great artworks.

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