I made it to Killer... on a disconnect

Moral conundrum here. I’ve wanted to make it to Killer for a long time. My ability to play is haphazard and sometimes it seems as though I back track on skill. Sometimes I feel like I am unstoppable hitting those manuals and mix-ups. Yet, I feel like I’ve had a bit of a curse trying to reach Killer because there is always a Fulgore that gets in my way; knocking me down another 150 points.

Well, today I finally did it against a Thunder player… except this time it was on a disconnect in the first match. I mean… yay, I’m Killer ranked?!

I guess I kind of always thought I would re-qualify and just stick around Exhibition, but here I am. Do I have the drive to go through it all again only to be stuck in Gold due to bad luck? Ugh.

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Indeed, disconnect or no it doesn’t undo all the work you put in up to that point. Congrats. Enjoy the view from the top, stick around and you’ll be sure to be tested even further, and then you’ll be mopping up Golds left & right.

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It is nice seeing that orange-red banner around my name. I guess I just need to learn new tricks and keep at it to justify it.


But don’t wory, if you’ve got that killer status, you certainly deserve it.