I made it to Gold ! =D

i’ve been playing KI quite intensively over this last week and I finally made it to Gold Tier today.

That’s a massive achievement for me seeing as I’ve wanted to quit fighting games after everytime I got bodied but I kept at it…




Congratulations! =D

Congratulations. And welcome to my tier.

Congrats dude! Keep it up, you’ll be killer before you know it!

Keep It Up Fam. You’ll Be A Killer In No Time.

GREAT JOB! Now Get to Killer KAPPA

Don’t worry CastielFGC, we all want to quit after getting bodied. I had a top Kan Ra do a perfect on me yesterday and he added quite a few teabags to accentuate the experience, and I’m a decent Sadira main. It was embarrassing to say the least as I’ve won a few matches here and there against the top Kan Ra mains out there.

Point of story… you’re never too good to not get bodied. :smiley:

I unfortunately took out my frustrations on a sad little Maya and got a perfect off her. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just take your losses and learn from them. Most importantly though, have fun.