I Love This

I love how these forums work, I mean…The feedback about this game and the thought that devs really read and are aware of this is just great. I really needed to say it. This hasn’t happened in other game forums I took part.
Even when I get upset for some things the will of this group of persons caring about the game is really encouraging. We can agree and disagree, but at least we have the place to do so and you can see that the players read most of your concerns, whether they share them or not.

Few days ago I played KI offline and had a better experience (I can’t describe how much I love playing vs offline!) meaning I still enjoy the game pretty much. I would love to do that more often, but there aren’t a lot of players around for that.
I’m leaving online for some time but I don’t want to leave the game. I’ll support it because, you devs, earned it XD

I’ll keep on encouraging ppl to play it and I love that some members do this as well (I’ve seen very good players uploading matches in youtube and similar, so when a new player ask me for tips I send the videos or recommend streams, even suggest them to check the forums, but I’m usually the one that send links, heh).

Props on you devs and team for listening to fans and caring about the game. I hope more persons would play this game, it deserves it!

PS: KI is the only game I bought complete, despite Gears of War stealing my soul 4 years ago, I never bought the game complete at launch. KI is something special, I waited it for 20 years and I still appreciate it’s back, even though I’m kind of bad understanding this new KI and also my reactions are rusty (being a conservative veteran I’m still not that happy with all the juggle action and diversity of giant characters, but I should be more flexible about it). I know how hard and challenging is to make a game and try to have all fans satisfied.

PS2: Counter breakers and inputs still inconsistant for my taste (yes, yes, I read the whole topic don’t worry!), but that’s another story. I do get upset too but doesn’t mean I don’t like the game at all =P



That’s what keeps me coming back! How awesome of a community we have despite the vocal minority dampening the mood sometimes.

Also, I found you in Stardew Valley!


Lifelong Killee Instinct fan and lore nerd here, always down to play and work on inputs and stuff, I am 33 yrs old and so not quite as speedy as the majority of players online, at least that’s the excuse I’m going with. :slight_smile:

My gamertag is SE1Z3, msg me anytime for games, I’d love to run a set.

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Ok. I hope you have fun then! I love playing offline, but being in a place that nobody plays KI, (Seriously, I’m probably the best Kim in my state lol) it’s hard to.

@MaruMDQ, you and I will be in the same boat about Gears stealing our souls once Gears 4 comes out. XD

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I’m going to body you so hard at Gears :smiling_imp:

Lol. I don’t know. Maybe. Maybe not :imp:

:joy: I’d actually rather have you in my team.

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Lol, that’s actually funny XD
We can play Gears all together some day if you want n_n

Of course! We’d have a “killer” team with you and company. But, yeah if you ever see me just randomly playing Dodgeball Deathmatch, don’t hesitate to invite me.

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Hola desde argentina maru!
soy tiger soul, hace poco nos encontramos online y me diste clases con raam!
estoy esperando por mi revancha!
no te veo nunca conectada.
Fight on!

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Buenas! No te veo conectado tampoco XD hoy me conecto un rato cualquier cosa avisame =) (en los foros tenemos que escirbir en inglés =P )
Hi there! Haven’t seen you online either XD I’ll be playing a bit tonight , so let me know and we can have some matches

I’m glad I understand Spanish XD

And I think you are ok talking a different language. I haven’t heard of such a rule on a forum. :confused:

I’m not ready to get bodied :sob:

She’s been to Gears Tournaments. RIP Ostrich & Tiger

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Don’t worry guys, in Gears of War the connection closest to the server always win , so you are safe =3 (unless you come to play in my region muahahahaha :smiling_imp: ) Nah, we can play together just for fun, no prob n_n
The good thing about that game is team based so we can share the blame if we lose or celebrate if we win (when I felt that for the first time was great, fighting games can be stressing just for that, it all depends on you and you alone, taking a break for that may help once in a while).


And I think you are ok talking a different language. I haven’t heard of such a rule on a forum. :confused:

I’m pretty sure I’ve read that they can’t moderate other languages so we have to stick to the rules. I might be wrong? :confused:

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You may be right actually about the languages. Makes sense. :slight_smile:

Sure, sounds fun! You might become my Gears mentor though, lol

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