I Love KI

KI is the best game ever. I love the game, the devs and the community. I am here every day looking for news, i really enjoy characters,stages,music,gameplay and everything. JUST SEASON FOR EVER. That is all.


I totally agree!


Me too dude.


Me Three!


Killer Instinct is definitely awesome! So glad it returned and I hope to see either more seasons or a sequel in the future. Double Helix did amazing with bringing the franchise back on the map, and Iron Galaxy has added so much more awesomness to it!

The only thing I miss is a fully-fledged cinematic Story Mode.
And before anyone comments this, I am fully aware and I understand that the budget wouldn’t allow it and that it would take far too long to make something like that. However, maybe it will be a thing in the sequal. <3


Me four!

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Me too. Best fighting game ever. Love double helix, microsoft, iron galaxy, keits, isaac torres, adam isgreen, phil spencer and the community.

Amazing game

I want more Kim Wu colors.

Sorry, there as WAY too much positivity in this thread. This is the internet dammit we have a reputation to uphold.


Agreed. This is easily my favotite fighting game and I’ve played almost all of them.

Same here. It is easily one of my most favorite games ever.

Long live KI

I loved how welcoming it was and how it challenged me later on with additions like ranked. I dont play often but if I ever do KI makes it easy for me to play a few games and have a fun time (at least when people arent being aholes).

I do Too. Tree, Four, Five …