I know it's 2022 and these are sensitive topics but what race is orchid?

What race is Orchid? I’ve had this talk with friends since like 1995 and I just realized hopefully I can get it settled. I always assumed she was light-skinned African American or potentially mixed.

It actually kind of seems like Kim is mixed as well and if they did that in the game I think that’s kind of interesting even if it was simply to make the characters ambiguous?

And NO it doesn’t matter that’s not why I’m asking I’m honestly just curious.

Also what kind of music does rash like. Rash kind of reminds me of a festival bro so if I had to guess I would say EDM

Orchid is Asian since she is siblings with Jago. Her look in Gold/2 was pretty much based off Janet Jackson, although she looked more like her brother Michael in that game. I kind of preferred her KI1 and KI2013 look, tbh, although I hope for the next KI she is given more Asian features.

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Wow really? I think I’m missing something here. I always thought the other way around. More like, Jago is part American bc he is siblings with Orchid. I assumed either one of Orchid’s parents had a Hispanic ancestry, don’t know why, but I assumed. She could be Asian descent too.

Yeah, half Chinese half Korean.

It’s cool, dw.

Well, I was going off her KI1 appearance, which, while admittedly very basic, seemed to have some Asiatic features.

One common explanation that I hear for her being Black/African-American is because of her code-name being “Black Orchid”, which is kind of dumb imo.
It’s somewhat ambiguous as to what ethnicities both Jago and Orchid are, but for a while I was under the assumption that they were both Asian, although the comics and 2013 game kind of make them out to be Caucasian. It’s possible they’re mixed race. I don’t know.

Specifically Tibetan like her brother Jago.

Yeah I too assumed that about her KI1 design.
Ig it’s bc she really fit that trope.

Most probably.

Yeah I thought everybody looked weird in the second killer instinct

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I have to throw in that disclaimer because the year 2022 and everything is woke


Based on character bios, they share a father, who is caucasian.

Jago’s mother was Tibetan.

Rare stated Orchid is mulatto. I would qssume that means her mother is of African descent.

Where was this, out of curiosity?

Wikipedia citation from the Orchid article:

“More Racy Issues”. Electronic Gaming Monthly. No. 89. Ziff Davis. December 1996. p. 338.

Granted, I don’t have that specific copy of EGM. I imagine you could find a scan floating somewhere online.

Interesting. I’ll need to see if I can find a scan anywhere, but thank you for the heads up.


Couldn’t generate a link preview, but here it is for everyone.

Interesting. I was kind of given the impression that she had been Asian due to KI1 and the comic. Perhaps she is half Asian?

Yeah she could be. Judging from her 2013 model and artworks, I think she might be Latina. Like this for example:

So she could be Latina, half black and white (malata) or Asian?

Sums it up.

I’m happy with that