I just had another idea

Unless you get a wall up and perform a wall crash via the ruin ender, Aganos doesn’t really have much in the way of a true damage ender.

While in practice mode, I performed a lvl. 4 payload asault ender when I already had 4 chunks - this resulted in an ender that for all intents and purposes, doesn’t do much for Aganos. Then I started thinking. :stuck_out_tongue:

What if the payload assault ender changes into a true damage ender if you already have 4 chunks?

Here’s how I visualize it:
For each lvl. on the KV meter that the combo has, Aganos expends 1 chunk, doing “chunks” of damage with each hit from each chunk. The downside, and balance aspect to this idea, is that he has fewer chunks after the combo completes (which makes Aganos more vulnerable since his defensive capabilities go down). So, you can do a chunk+ ender to gain chunks and then follow it up with a 2nd combo using a chunk- ender to do successively more damage, with all 4 chunks doing say, ~48% damage (12% per chunk seems fair, I think). It would also be very situational and difficult to pull off, since you need to get 3 chunks 1st, and getting to a lvl. 4 ender with all 4 chunks without being broken (since chunks make Aganos slower) is tricky. But it would be balanced I think.

On a purely visual and animation standpoint, I can picture Aganos just picking up the opponent by the head, as if he were going to throw them, and then launching each successive chunk directly into them at point blank range as he holds them tight - kind of like multiple cannonballs to the stomach.

Do you like or not like this idea? Do you think it would be broken, unecessary, balanced, redundant (because of the walls), too weak? Do you think my damage numbers should be adjsuted? What!? Tell me what you think - I’d like to know. :slight_smile:

@Infilament, as always, I’d like to hear your thoughts on this. :wink:

It is an interesting Idea. My issue with it is that it would essentially remove the utility of walls as a source of damage. I seems like this “chunk damage ender” would be much better than the walls because you get the damage the moment you spend the chunk, you don’t have to put in the effort it takes to send an opponent through a wall after the chunk has been spent. I understand that you are going for an ender that is most useful when full on chunks, we all want to see that happen. However, I think an option that would be MUCH easier on the developers side would be to make the pulverize ender have a longer hard knockdown, long enough to erect a wall at any chunk level without getting punished. Also, @TheKeits there is currently a bug (or maybe it’s intentional) that has level 1 pulverized ender be about 20 frames more advantageous than the other ender levels. I don’t mean to sound rude or whiny, but I know the Devs couldn’t possibly know about every bug and I hadn’t heard of anyone else knowing about it.

Bug thread, homie.