I just fought a pretty good jago and im looking for a bit of helpful advice

I am thunder man.
I was fighting this jago and he was fond of pressing medium punch into fierce into fireball then cancelling into windkick or jumping. I found it immensely hard to take the offense from him because it seemed like he was always plus but I am sure I am missing something. He also quite enjoyed poking with low short into low med into overhead but thats the jago classic so i shouldnt be surprised I am just kinda salty i fell for it. His general strat was to get me into a corner and frustrate me by pressing many buttons. I was unsure of when i was allowed to move because the times I tried to do things i was stuffed. I escpaped a couple times with shadow counter and shadow dp. Would one of you lovely jagos care to fight me later on so I can learn what to do.

Well all wind kicks are negative Light is -4
Medium -6 and fierce is -11 are pretty easy to punish but careful if its light windkick coz they can counter hit you with dp i dont play thunder a lot so i dont know whats good to break jago offence you can stay out of wind kick range but you still have to deal with fireballs i don’t have a lot of thunder match up knowledge but i main Jago we can do some sets ft10 maybe

From what you described at the top none of what he was doing was plus. MP into HP you should be able to poke through with a jab. Fireballs are -6 if my memory serves me correctly so you should be able to straight up punish that. Windkicks like @Narkkrotix said above are negative.

But corner pressure with buttons is indeed hard to deal with, especially with a charcter with poor defensive options like Thunder. Shadow Counters and DPs are good ways to escape the corner , however the best way to avoid corner pressure is to try and avoid getting cornered in the first place. Control the space in front of you so your opponent can’t walk you to the corner. Or just be mindfull of where you are when fighting. Think to yourself " I shouldn’t back up anymore because Thunder struggles when cornered".

If you want to play some games I’d be happy to.

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We could make a lobby im about to head out of work and i was looking for practice we could learn the jago v thunder matchup​:blush::blush:

NIce im down

I’m heading to sleep but we can play some other time most definitely👍

GGs dude twas fun

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Also in case someone wants to know. The wholes in my strats came down to patience. When jago presses buttons in youre face and their relatively well spaced they can beat out jabs. However after fireball your usually at a range where his only option is overhead. Its relatively safe to through out a button to try to catch it or you could just make sure your stand blocking and then proceed to do things. Also shadow triplax beats dp so do that when they are itching to dp into fireball life gain shenanigans. Thx for the help doods, this concludes our broadcast day. Side note sometimes its wise to wait a sec if your defense becomes to predictable you will eat shadow windkicks and dps.

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GGs dood i thought i had it but you adapted to my play style after the 5th game it was a good ft10​:blush::blush:

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