I have to give a huge thanks to IG and MS for the PC version

I’ve been spectating KI for over a year now but never got the chance to play it since it was on Xbox One – which was a system that I didn’t own and didn’t have any interest in other than KI. I had been crossing my fingers for PC version for a long time, and when they finally announced that it was happening I got super hyped.

When release date was nearing, I was getting worried that maybe the port wouldn’t be well optimized and wouldn’t run on my machine (especially after hearing things about the Gears of War Ultimate Edition port). The game has been out for a few days now and I’ve been playing it a TON, and I have to say…

This game is awesome. The gameplay is simple and yet complex, every character feels unique, the music is amazing to listen to during a match, and I like how there’s a ton of little unlockables (rather it be colors, titles, backgrounds, or character specific achievements) that keep you wanting to level-up every character and to keep playing. The game also works fine on my machine (I passed the performance test), and I haven’t ran into some of the issues that I’ve seen people mention – like the missing text, missing “Ultra Combo!” sound, or not being able to connect to online. And the good news is that this seems to be the case for the majority of people.

Don’t get me wrong, neither the game or port is perfect, but both a really good. I feel like I should say thank you to Iron Galaxy and Microsoft for giving us PC players a chance to play this awesome game. Fight on!


I agree wholeheartedly. I’d been watching so long and being able to play now is awesome.

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Oh yeah, and one more thing: I’m impressed by the Shadows Lab. I think this is a cool way to make AI smarter and play more like how actual players do. I just trained a Shadow last night and I was impressed to see how much it was acting like me.

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Yeah generally speaking it’s definitely a dream come true. I would have never thought that KI would end up on PC. However, when I realized (after launching the game for the first time) that they didn’t include the original KI in our version… I became very, very sad inside. I LOVE the new KI, and I think it’s simply the best fighting game right now on the market, period. BUT… I would have also loved to go back playing some KI Classic from time to time for nostalgia’s sake.

If I were in charge of allocating their budget, I would’ve operated on the (admittedly cost-saving) assumption that old-school KI players that are now gamers of the PC persuasion have been emulating it the whole time, and used that to validate putting money in other aspects of… y’know, whatever. It’s an assumption that keeps dollars in the company coffer, and kind of a safe one at that.