I have quarrels with Orchid

Hi guys, I’m having some problems witch Orchid as TJ, I don’t know jow to face her.

Any advice from the good fellas that do the TJ Combo?

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@TheNinjaOstrich is the only TJ I really know on the forums. I think @FallofSeraphs76 might play him too though?

Hopefully one of them can be helpful to you. To start off though, what about her is giving you problems?


There’s just no stopping Orchid sorry.


Some TJ Combo players spam that ground shake move but I counter every time. Just gonna be real difficult, I tell ya.

Orhid is just tough…but what you can do is BAIT her Slide…neutral jump and punish. Also let her do her Rekkas and on the final part be ready to block high or low, then immediately throw or light hit confirm in to punish.

basically punish her on all her unsafe moves…you cant punish off a blocked slide…thats why you neutral jump on the slide.

Her twirl kick/ flick flack is SUPER unsafe…you can block that and throw her EVERY time!

Hope this helps!

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How does exactly the twirl kick works? I feel that she doesn’t have much frames to punish after that move

Any advice from the TJ Pros @TheNinjaOstrich @FallofSeraphs76

and the Orchid pros @BblackorchidD ??

Her leg twirl hits high, so you need to block high. You should also be able to punish with a low attack, such as a sweep.

I usually though simply block high and then use a meaty medium to low normal to punish.

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I main Omen so everytime she does the Twirl kick I throw her becaseu I can get a combo off a throw.
TJs throw hits pretty hard…if you dont want to throw then use your fastest attack to punish…which should be light spin fist.

I’ve seen this a lot, what exactly does it mean?

Courtesy of mr @STORM179

“An attack that is “meaty” is an attack that is out (active) on an opponent as they are standing up. Because all moves have startup and most don’t have invincibility, a meaty attack will hit them before their counter button or special actually comes out. Meaty attacks will beat any action on wakeup that isn’t an invincible reversal.”



Excellent, thank you! @BoJima404 (and @STORM179)

This is some Advance KI Academy Stuff, thank you @BoJima404 and @STORM179

Thank you man for the good information <3 <3

And all this time I thought it had to do with steak. :3

Kind of surprised no one has said it yet, but shadow counter. Shadow counters are incredibly strong against Orchid, as almost all of her pressure options (ichi-ni-san, flick flak, overhead/sweep) are multi-hit moves or normals.

Effective use of shadow counters will blow up most Orchid players. Make her afraid to use those good pressure strings and force her to start trying to throw you.

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If you are using TJ too, don’t let her bully you around. You need to bully her. Powerline Punch is a good thing to use, as you can give yourself some space to move. This is where TJ struggles, if he has no space. But if you can get the opponent to be afraid of TJ, the match is in your favor. Shadow Counter like Storm said, you can also Grab her out of many things.

Remember too, that you have an Invincible Meter Burning Vortex (Uppercut) that you can use, but it does use one stock of meter. :slight_smile: