I hate fighting this character so very much

Every kick poke catches jump on wakeup, grenade makes every move safe on block, Ichi Ni San is ridiculously safe unless shadow countered but OH don’t try to counter the Heavy third hit cuz she’ll just either continue charging and force you to miss it allowing for a free stagger combo OR she’ll just backdash out of it making your meter wasted OR she’ll have just used the medium version which is two hits and negates the shadow counter. Oh, don’t forget the third hit’s not breakable if it starts a combo, OH and despite the usual formula her overhead is NOT an opener so you can’t break what comes after it, but her Grenade IS so while she’s got you cornered in a pratically helpless block string make sure you block that grenade or here she goes with that combo. Don’t ever try to do anything to her on her wakeup cuz Air Buster is just such a great wakeup, oh don’t forget she can combo after it with an air grab. Oh, did I forget to mention the air grab? The one that can pull you out of aerials and give her a free combo? That’s sure fun. Wanna zone her? Nah, she’s got Shadow Firecat that travels even farther than Shadow Windkick and I just piubesfepiubspiubfewpiubfrw


This angry rant has been brought to you by the Guy Who Hates Orchid and Glacius committee, where we hate Orchid and Glacius but at least I haven’t broken my controller yet. Thanks for tuning in.


Every meaty catches jump on wake up though.


Zone her she can’t do anything from full screen. Neutral jump and punish Shadow Firecat , or shadow counter it.A DP is a DP so you gotta hold it if you don’t block. Learn to shadow counter her grenade pressure

Ichi isn’t safe.

She also can’t backdash out of Ichi Ni San.


What character are you using againsnt her?

You must find the buttons to see what you can punish. It’s not easy tough, she has became the early S3 Jago to me (specially damage). But I’ve learned to fight better against her. She’s tough, but I prefer facing her rather than a Thunder XD


Your frustrations have been received at the Agency of the Disavowed.

We beg to differ, as there are many options to counter our leaders’ sneaky spy- tastic maneuvers.

However, we feel your pain…

Orchid is very much a force to be reckoned with. Just beware of a young dragon warrior located in San Francisco.


Also this.

That as well.

Her normal overhead isn’t an opener (most normal overheads aren’t), but I assure you the overhead hit of ichi-ni-san is indeed an opener, and you should be able to break what comes after just fine.


Can shadow counter her 2nd hit of rekka (ichi ni san). Should respect her wakeup if you’re getting hit by wakeup DP (air buster). Can break her air throw as though it were a light auto. Her overhead is shadow counterable and slow so you can stuff it with a dp or just jump. Bomb setups are her gameplan, sure you gotta hold the block but you gotta make the right decision next. A fighting game isn’t always about it being your turn, sometimes your opponent has to have a turn too, so don’t always approach a fight thinking “i can press buttons whenever I want to”. you can definitely zone her, even if she uses shadow firecat, if it’s full screen you’ll recover in time to punish that. should check out these scenarios in training mode an see what you can do or what you shouldn’t do. her instinct makes her safe from shadow counter so pick your openings carefully.

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your patience in these forums is like that of a Buddhist monk, I’m trying to get better at it… but it’s REALLY difficult.



Haha. I’m not doing anything special, and to be honest I’ve got a whole heap of snark that I draw from sometimes. :-p

But more broadly though, how can we expect our game to grow and our community to level up if people aren’t willing to not be ■■■■■■■■ when someone asks a question or has a salty rant? Sarcasm and paeans to “git gud” don’t do anything elevate the game or help people learn; I think we as a community should refrain from responding to people like that as much as possible.


Also gives you an extra hit to Shadow Counter on. Depending on the opponent’s aggression, it allows you to start a combo.
Maybe sit down and play the character, see what she’s actually capable of? From your post and a lot of others pointing out, it seems clear you don’t have great knowledge of her abilities. And I’m not saying that out of contempt or anything, just as a means of getting better against your problems.
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