I guess this how you make Sadira IG's own thing and introduce her for a potential sequel

Just found this at deviantart:

Sadira’s gameplay are very good for this game. Please don’t kill her for the next KI game. Just make her complete a metamorphosis and get healed from that deathblow of Cinder.


OMg u sell me dreams!!! :heart_eyes:

I just was thinking about something like that. a new sequel , where she make entrance and say
“” Ok peoples i have been killed since begin this season3 , ive lost all my powers, but now im back and ready to punish all theses peoples who enjoyed my lack of power" lol lol :stuck_out_tongue: Ig should make it great, really!

my first thing ill do if shes correctly rework . thats hunt all thunders players !! beginning to search ITAMASTER411 too :smiling_imp: :rage: with that super op thunder damages ( no salt) :kissing_heart:

then jago players begining to hunt :smiling_imp: nik milz. i need to payback all my lost because of no correct damages amount.
then all theses glacius and gargos @Dayv0 players . in one word :slight_smile:

to all of you with super OP enders

But she never died. She’s still alive. All she got was a warning from ARIA that “if you don’t cut it out, I WILL step in and calm you down myself.”

Wait is Sadira actually part spider? I thought she was just a human who’s assassin clan trained in the use of a web like material and therefor adopted the spider theme.

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lol lol this is only a concept crimson found over the net. just a idea to pass a message to iG please make it great that comeback (imo tho)

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She has a magic amulet that grants her spider powers, I believe it shows up in shadow lords as an item, however that could just be a generic spider amulet. It was explained in her back story, which is pinned on her sub-category, third from the top.

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In terms of her appearance, I really like her as is. I wouldn’t want her to become an anthro-spider, as KI already has an insect fighter, D’vorah.

Having said that though, that image totally rocks!

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Sadira is not a spider
the item is in her abdomen

This is why I wish they’d make awesome alternate costumes that delve into the lore they created

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i wish it too cause i saw really handsome concept costume for her in this forum

Actually D’vorah is in Mortal Kombat X.

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Yeah IIRC she has something that liked crawled into her and have her spider powers after she killed her groups old leader and took it.

I meant MK… I got the K right at least. :smile:

If Sadira looked like that, I would immediately cease playing her.


in the new game her retro could be her standard costume. Human look without the extra insect legs.

Give her a Juri costume. Or something similar. or just keep what she now, or something else.