I guess I can leave this here now

Haven’t seen it used online at all.
It is incredibly useful.
If you can’t see what’s going on, I’ll explain it.
It’s not new…but seriously, I don’t know why people don’t use it.

Anyways…you’re welcome.


Thank you, my Fulgore is Lvl 50, but that’s only because I wanted his Color 9. I never realized how much depth there was to Fulgore. I’ve been stuck on Kan Ra since I first bought the game, but now I’m starting to try and master other fighters as well.

Was there something to see in the 1st combo? Can’t see anything there.

Pretty sure I can see what you are going for in the 2nd combo, nice.

I’m a bit lost here sorry, what am I looking at - the mix up right?

i don’t get it…

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Is it the plasma ball to mixup that I see all the time whenever I play a fulgore?


To anyone that doesn’t get it…the timing of the plasma bolt changes the properties of the combo entirely.

The first combo I intentionally hit Orchid BEFORE the plasma bolt hit, the combo came out normally. After my first light blade dash opener into heavy blade dash linker, I did a light auto triple and then attempted to repeat that string by doing a light blade dash into heavy blade dash by doing the blade dash linker again, and holding down light kick, didn’t work, I got a light auto double. As it should normally happen.

Second combo, I intentionally hit Orchid AFTER the plasma bolt and did the same string. This time, mid combo, I was able to do the same light blade dash into heavy blade dash string by holding down the light attack.

Think about it. People mostly get locked out early in a combo because of a linker directly after an opener. With that setup, I can continuously force an opener to linker setup and lock you out, mid combo, after that situation should no longer apply.

Lets take that same second setup, and instead of a heavy blade dash, I do a medium. Since I did a medium after a light, mid combo, it looks like a heavy, because the same move does three hits. Unless you’re looking extremely close, or I do an eye laser (where the opener and linker versions look noticeably different), you’ll most likely get locked out. And I have locked people out with it. Or even for general confusion, imagine that setup, but mid combo, doing a light blade dash opener to light eye laser linker. The KV does not reset, and this property lasts until you end your combo. So if you’d like to pop instinct and do some shenanigans, go for it. It’s mainly useful for complete ambiguity in your combos and to fish for lockouts.

One thing that should be noted however, is that since it DOES change the properties of the combo, to the best of my knowledge, any move that follows AFTER the plasma bolt can be broken, even normals. But you have a few different normals to choose from, which will grant you the same effect.

Sorry for the wall of text, but I’ll surely post more videos showcasing it. Most likely tonight, if I get a chance.



From the sounds of it you are tricking the game into playing the opener version of the attack instead of the linker version. I have seen similar effects on other characters but didn’t know you could continue the effect after doing a linker (maybe other characters can’t).

One other benefit to this technique is that since you are playing the opener version of the special move different strengths will look largely the same and will grant you opener manual rules (manual frame advantage = adv. on hit +5). You should definitely be able to get the light and medium versions, not sure if the heavy would override the opener and do an ender instead.

You could use the medium eye laser in your hard to break linker mixups.

Heavy definitely doesn’t override that. And that’s EXACTLY what I’m doing.
I’ve tried to end a combo with that setup with his Plasma Bolt hard knockdown ender, and gotten a regular Plasma Bolt instead mid combo. But yeah, you get what I’m saying. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if this is intentional, or if it will be patched…I sincerely hope not…because it’s not an insane game breaking thing, (like what Sadira used to have), but rather something if you’re willing to dig deep enough and adjust your timing and study it, you get rewarded heavily.

I should be home today in order to demonstrate it better, but once you get the hang of it, Fulgore becomes that much more effective. I’ll swap out damage for a character that’s tough to break any day.

On the eye laser portion, I myself am too used to starting off a combo with the light version just in case they block my starting offense, I’m not at a horrible disadvantage on block. So sometimes when doing this setup, I switch over to the eye laser, but do the light version into the linker version, mid combo, so it’s painfully obvious what the strength is. But yes. Since the medium eye laser opener looks like the eye laser linker, using that setup, you can force a medium eye laser opener mid combo into a light eye laser linker, and it plays off like a medium, unless your opponent actually knows what’s going on. Or do a medium eye laser opener mid combo, with a medium linker, play it off like a heavy.

The times I’ve gotten it to work online, I’ve been able to use it to devastating effect. A guess break at best (guess breaking the normal after the plasma bolt, or guessing the linker), and an early lockout for 40%+ at worst. Definitely practical with practice.

Welp, lets see what you folks come up with.

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Combo’s opened after a projectile with the right timing alters the combo entirely. Everything becomes a manual in a sense. If you never do an auto double, and you can do an ability before the hit stun of the previous attack recovers, you can basically do whatever you want. Take the combo you just did, and turn on combo state. I’ve had this happen unintentionally a lot which was when I originally discovered it. It’s hard to capitalize on because the timing between the projectile landing and your combo opening to get the result is rather precise.

To put it simply, it’s a string of manuals that if done fast enough confirms through KV that it is indeed a combo, all of which is breakable like normal, however it’s benefit is that it does not have mid combo hit stun properties therefor it makes the combo much faster and harder to react to or break. The other downside is that unless you do an Auto Double or a Shadow, your combo will not cash out. So it has pros and cons. If you choose to do a shadow within the combo, that will count as your true opener, and will still require an auto double or manual before your ender to actually confirm it for cash out.

Go to about 20 minutes into this and you’ll see. 20-21 I can’t remember but I do an entire combo using Axis Slashes Light openers repeatedly.

This exactly.
It’s very viable online though, I’ve gotten the hang of the timing in the months I’ve been using it.