I got called a Bot tonight!

I’ve been called a LOT of things as a Sadira main. I don’t think any other character other than Rash or Shadow Jago has garnered that much salt, but then again, she WAS the original salt queen. Tonight though, I hit a new high/low. I was playing against a Rank 50 Spinal in Killer. He was broadcasting as well as talking to one of his friends.

Once he sees Sadira, he starts talking about how fast she is and quite possible one of the highest top tier characters (take that “Sadira is weak” players.

At any rate we begin our match, I know from the get go that he is NOT familiar with her fightstyle. I’m wrecking him across the board, and his friend keeps hallering at him to try and do different stuff. He then proclaims that I’m forecasting every single attack he’s doing. His friend asks, “How is that possible?!” The guy responds that I might be a bot. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH… breath… HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH…

As I masacred his Spinal their conversation went on as to how IG could be creating bots to create challenges and such in Ranked.

I’ve never been so amused in my entire life.


Lol. Well, at least he was a good sport about it :smile:

Please tell me you sent him a message afterwards. Something like, “Oh, and just so ya know, I’m not a bot.” :wink:

July character confirmed- BOT


You have an extremely optimized Sadira. I’d want to say 95% of you tech, combos, manuals are spot on. You’re a human Sadira bot, in other words.

Sadira, so easy a bot can do it.

Send him a completed “Captcha”. lol

Which one of these pictures is not a Store Front Sign?
Which one of these pictures is not a Street Sign?
Please type the following “$aLtBOT”

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