I got a question

How come when i do combo breakers on certain opponents online i cant stop them from hitting me ?

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You’d have to be more specific, because the situation seems vague and I’m not sure what you’re asking.

I will say this though, when you’re in the auto combo rhythm, you’re not invulnerable to other attacks on screen.

The best example of this I can give is against Glacius. Sometimes, Glacius players will set up an ice ball above them, and if you manage to hit them somehow and can start a combo, the hail will release when Glacius is hit. This can possibly come down at the right angle and hit you, stopping your combo and turning the situation around.

So yeah, in auto combo mode, you are not invincible and can be hit out of it given the right setup. Gargos minions are another annoying thing that can interrupt your combos.

What i mean is when im playing someone online i cant break thier combos for nothing. Is this because they have unlocked certain features of the game because i cannot break the combo then attack. I just get the combo breaker and they keep hitting me.