I got a Friggin' Dragon - Kim Wu Combo Thread

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She’ll put a hurting on you if you don’t watch it!

When you do her Shadow Dragon kick and juggle the opponent, is there a way to control or tell which side the opponent will land on in this situation…

Shadow Dragon Kick, Dragon cancel after second hit, land HK xx LK Dragon Dance, cr. HP…at this point the opponent either falls on the left of right side of Kim.

Is there a way to make the opponent fall on the same side every time? Maybe I’m not even doing the combo correctly!

Stylish, Highly Breakable Combos!

WIP for an old kim combo that I never got around to refining. I’ll probably come back to the ideas in this video some other time.


Was this when her Shadow Firecracker didn’t scoot her forward a little bit?

Yeah. The finished version of the video was last modified mid-july, and I know the raw video file which had some failed attempts was a bit older than that, so this was recorded a little over 2 months before that change.


All Kim Wu players ought to know that the second hit of S. Dragon Kick hits for soul-destroying damage. I have been messing with trying to find situations where this can be done in a live game. I really wanted to make a video out of this but meh, life happens.

FULGORE - S. Air Lasers
I hardly see Fulgore use this move raw (more on that in a sec) but he just hovers in the air asking for it. If you’re positioned below him, there’s nothing they can do about getting punished.

DP cancelled into S. Air Lasers - THIS is how i normally see it used. Aka, the Nicky special. Anyway, its a bit more technical with this. Light or medium DP’s cancelled into lasers make it a blockstring; not much you can do there. On heavy though, it can be done pretty reliably for a punish. However, if Fulgore pip cancels right after a hit, even on a heavy, he’ll be safe. You could go for it in that kind of situation and your move wont even come out. What you want to have happen is a delay between the hit of the DP and the startup of air lasers. But if they’re tight on their timing, you risk nothing going for it.

JAGO - S. Tiger Fury - This one is pretty simple. If you get an over eager opponent that shadow DP’s, and you are blocking, go for s. Dragon kick. What you’re hoping for is he misspaced it. If the DP’s hitbox is on top of you after the freeze, nothing comes out and you maintain your block. If they did mess up the spacing, S. Dragon Kick comes out and makes them regret it. A relatively low risk OS.

KAN-RA - Air S. Swarm - Basically? See above for Fulgore’s air lasers. The only thing with this is that you do have to be directly below. Otherwise, the scars will ruin your fun.

SADIRA - S. Web Cling - another one thats kinda technical, but not terrible. When Sadira pops this move, you need to quickly note her position on the screen. If she’s pressing in on you, you can go go S. Dragon Kick as a response and nail her, regardless of any button she tried to come down with. You do want to be sure that her character is on your half of the screen. One thing that makes it easier is asking “was Sadira pressuring me when she tried this?” If she was, most likely you can punish.

GARGOS - Heavy Reckoning - This is the only move that’s not a shadow, so theres no screen freeze to take advantage of. So this is based off a godlike read to attempt this one. On the startup of Gargos’ move, go for S. Dragon Kick and immediately take note of Gargos’ feet. If they are off the ground, and you have a dragon, cancel out immediately. If they ARE still on the ground, let your move rock and greet the Shadow Lord with a boot to the face after he comes out of his portal.

With most of these, in proper circumstances, dragons can keep you safer if you mistime something or what have you.

I didnt know xbox had a video editor, so put together some clips and stuff to follow up my last post.