I find it amazing that fulgore got better while everyone was normalized while he was already in a tier of his own in season 2 SMDH

i find it SO CRAZY AND UNBELIEVABLE that they left fulgore exactly the same or even better .while he was universally known as the best character in season 2 while they normalized everyone else (maya still needs some adjusting imo with meterless juggle cash out) its almost like they want fulgore to be in a tier of his own like in season 2 but now its even worse!!
 fulgore zoning is even better in season 3 with that full screen laser bs that staggers as well and does way too much damage smh. its like season 1 fulgore all over again  but now he generates pips  far more often. the universal shadow counter buff is meaningless to fulgore because at the cost of just one pip he can cancel to dp .then the worst part of fulgore is when he gets full pips which is so easy now every matchup becomes 8-2 in his favour why does he need that stupid mobility while having a full screen laser beam  , he only had that in season 1 because it was hard for him to get full pips in season 1 but now IG BUFFED him in some areas but didnt nerf him in some others so he could be balanced . now fulgore sits pretty in a tier of his own with no one even close
1 the one nerf i expected more than anything was how many pips canceling into certain moves would take like  i feel canceling a special into a special should cost 3 pips while additional fireballs should remain one pip.fulgore can play so nutty right now.( i thought season 3 was about promoting critical thinking) 

2 its strange that fulgore canceling a dp into eyelaser is still a thing( if done at the right height is completely safe!!) while he has a dp that even beats jago dp head to head.its even stranger when you look at how cinder and maya dp’s were normalized and how jago dp glitch was rectified.
3 fulgore stupid mobility with additional pips should be gone!! its bad for the game!!
4 fulgore being able to cancel out of a shadow counter at the cost of just one pip is bad for the game (hisako as well)
4.fulgore remains invisible for far too long after a teleport.

The only reasons why we dont see more fulgores everywhere is a testament to how awesome and fun all the characters are , but when it comes to balance fulgore is OP without a doubt .

The logic behind buffing fulgore is strange to say the least ,i believe there must not have been any strong fulgore players among the testers because its so obvious .In season 2 it was universally known that fulgore was the best in killer instinct with maya saberwulf spinal kanra being close behind . its obvious that those characters are weaker but why was fulgore buffed?? everyone was normalized so as to promote critical thinking except fulgore its unfortunate

I don’t think it was agreed that Fulgore was the most powerful character in the game until Rico won Evo. It was only then that people started thinking like that. Still, there was nothing about Fullgore that needed a buff. He was perfectly fine and stood his own against every character. Great grab, teleport, DP’s, and more. Essentially the gave the character that has everything more.

I disagree. I think ppl thought fulgore always had the best potential. Is just that no one was really playing fulgore hardcore.

It is very hard to pip cancel dp a shadow counter because SCs got buffed. Also DP into eye laser is not safe. He did not get buffed. Where are the buffs besides a new target combo and cyber dash low stuff. Everything else is pretty much a burf.

Nah - people had been saying for months that Fulgore was probably the best character in the game. Just has too many tools not to be really.

Fulgore’s relatively limited use has a lot more to do with how hard he is to play well than anything else TC. He does have everything, but he also requires a fair amount of skill to play at that super high level.

And no - his zoning is not better than before. He can’t prevent you from jumping over fireballs at long or mid-range, and that full screen heavy laser has a crap-ton of startup; there are very few instances where you should be getting hit by it.

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Am I the only 1 here who doesn’t feel like he was buffed through the roof? If anything, I think he’s actually been nerfed in a minor sense. I’m just so glad his air laser is gone. :slight_smile:

Fulgore is one of those “on paper” type things. If you look at his tools and abilities he should be the most broken thing in this game, but for some reason he isn’t. Not sure why.

His zoning is meh now. Fireball pip cancel heavy laser is good. Now if you get hit by that heavy laser,expect a descent amount of unbreakable damage if the opponent has meter. %20 for unbreakable while spending all the meter. 30+% if you do a one chance break.

the thing abt fulgore is the fact that allthe best characters were nerfed in some way but the best character wasnt touched.i dont know the fulgores some of u play but the smart fulgores that get full pips and sit on it the whole match very very difficult to handle for most of the cast

He lost a very good anti air. One of his important normals(forward HP) is easier to shadow counter. His heavy kick doesn’t knock down in mid screen and must be followed on if in the corner. He lost one of the best moves in the game. Medium laser. Furthermore,the shadow counter buff was an indirect nerf to Fulgore. Other characters can use them more than Fulgore. It is an indirect nerf though.

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are you serious?? thats what you call nerfs? ask kanra and wulf and tj players to tell abt nerfs lol what a joke


Yes I am serious. Did you expect me not to? Yes they are nerfs. If they are not nerfs,what are they? Buffs? TJ got flip out resets. More target combis and juggle potential. Normals got more frame advantage. Kan-Ra has flipout resets. An unblockable projectile. He also got an automatic shadow sand trap. Wul was pretty powerful. He got a mobility buff though but I do feel bad for Wulf players.

Don’t forget, he was also nerfed during S2 as well.

Fulgore got one tool that is RIDICULOUSLY good.

His full screen laser.

I know that sounds like a joke, but someone hit me with it in a way that i dont think is POSSIBLE to avoid.

-Teleport mid
-Teleport back
-Teleport mid (By now you are 100% invisible)
-Teleport back
-Full screen laser (unreactable because of the invisibility.)
-If it hits, you get stagger, and get to teleport to them and get a full combo, If it misses, you could try it again almost as much as you want, or sneak in a throw if they are being REALLY defensive.

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I didnt realize that. I dont play fulgore :\

But when it hit me i was like “OH SH**!”

That was the scariest thing ever, and made me feel so vulnerable. :cry:

It may not be practical, but it will definitely make your opponent re think his life XD
I can imagine it getting a huge reaction in a tournament.

Playing devils advocate here, but by your description he had to use at least four pips to do that. Which essentially boils down to one shadow meter.

So there is a cost! Especially on a character that doesn’t build meter as well as others.

Teleports cannot be pip canceld into another special so no meter. It does slow down your reactor like cray though if you do what he did. The start up is very long though so you should be able to react to the heavy laser. And flutter,Fulgore is not invisible once he is out of the teleport and in the start up of the laser.

I think you are wasting time complaining about a character with specific combo traits when you could be either learning said character or how to defend against him or just learn one of the specific combo traits that other characters have that some ppl (like yourself ) have issues with)

There is nothing wrong with how Fulgore is built…its all about how your opponent uses him and how you defend against him.

Instead of coming on here with negativity, maybe try asking politely for help with the MU and we all would be glad to help you.

Fulgore is a tough cookie and I still don’t think he’s balanced. No matter what they do, he’s still over powered. His difficulty is his only true crutch. In S1 Fulgore was moderated by the fact that he couldn’t get meter unless he charged. You had to use a Dragon Punch motion to Teleport. This made him incredibly unfriendly to noobs, but incredibly powerful in the right hands.

Meter management meant that if you pressured Fulgore you could keep him from getting meter and from becoming over powered.

Now, he gains Meter constantly no matter what. It only takes 3 pips to use a Shadow Attack of which feels less compared to the rest of the cast of whom need at least one full Shadow Bar.

If it were up to me, I’d make him require more pips to do shadow attacks. This would limit him to some degree. The only other real option is to totally change him once again.