I feel like game is more and more bugged with every patch

I have a lot of lag freezes and rollback bugs since 3.8, according to speedtest my connection is 20mb/s right now, and xbox app says my delay is 75 miliseconds so its not tragic.

In almost every match there are situations like either me or opponent block a hit and character gives pain or KO scream and vice versa, or a milisecond lag freeze makes me drop a combo. Its confusing as hell and did not happen so often in earlier patches. I lost a dozens of matches because of such situations.

Also, I am 100% sure of that now, something is wrong with Kilgore’s counter breaker, especially when I try to do CB after blocked jump normal. His CB window is so tight it feels like you must hit CB a miliseconds before next hit occurs or you get stuffed. I could swear I do not have such trouble with Tusk or example. AFAIK Counter Breaker window is universal across the cast, so unless I am wrong, this is clearly a bug.

“Syncing to Ultratech servers” prompt takes longer and I receive a pop up to “wait longer for DLC refresh” every time.

Sorry for this post being so chaotic, there is a lot of more nitpicks but I need to precisely gather them and post in OP.

The bottom line is, I usually always praised all aspects of this game and never had many complaints and encounters of glitches, but my patience is at an end at this point. I think IG needs to step up their QA because if there are going to be more bugs every update, then why bother?


Its the unfortunate nature of the system the game was built on. It was rushed and will always be buggy. Ig cant ever truly fix it since they didn’t write the original coding for it. Unless a new game is put into production that’s just the way its going to be.


That is true, i cant play a ranked match without bullshit, even a player who just started the game killed me and i am one of the best players, i mean wtf this game is so broken. Never play online, thats a rage test atleast in germany.


What would the connection be called if its worse overseas (1 person in NA and another in, say, Britain) than in the same country (USA and USA)? Peer 2 Peer? Cos if so then P2P its super bad.

That’s what’s known as an internet connection, of any type. If you increase the physical distance between two points the time it takes for messages to be sent between those points increases as well.

Why then do I have lags with people that I did not have on earlier patches?

They all moved abroad or what?

My post was to TEKkazamastar, it didn’t show the reply correctly.

Since May, I’ve had a general increase in matches crashing. Each time both players are awarded a win. This has been documented by several players.

I’ve also seen a greater amount of anomalies, such as opponents with no health tanking all sorts of damage, getting lockouts and immediately getting broken, being in a middle of a combo and getting Shadow Countered, even though the other player just locked out.

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Yea, I forgot about getting combo breaker and lockout at the same time.