I don't understand this reasoning in FG

I’ve experienced this in SF4 and KI; Ok, so you’re playing a fight game, for sure there will be humans who will get mad at losing and getting hit, it’s only natural in a fight to sometimes get mad, even a virtual fight. The thing is, why do human-people get mad at teabagging more than the hits they receive?

Like I’ll poke and trip my opponents, they won’t say anything. But once I teabag they will get mad and start saying nicely angry things to me on the microphone. Shouldn’t you be angrier at getting hit?

What causes this anger? What goes on in the mind of these ragers that they take it so seriously?

Btw, a tip for those of you who rage: try to calm down, take some deep breaths and exhale several times. You will feel less of an angry human-person and a little more happier.

Because when you hit them, it’s obvious you are trying to win. That’s what you do in a fighting game.

Teabagging has no gameplay purpose, so the only reason you should ever be doing it is to irritate the other person.

You really should just not do it. Nobody likes people like that.


I don’t teabag first anymore. That was back in 2013 and 2014. I only do it if it’s done to me first.

Not sure why your opponent would be getting mad then…

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My topic was more from what I’ve seen on forums about tea-bagging and about when I used to initiate the first teabag.m. Like they take it so seriously. I wonder if anyone will get mad like that if they got teabagged in a real fight.

They have the right to be mad. They’re losing to a person who has little to no human decency or respect.

Sorry if that’s harsh, but that’s the impression that’s given off.

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But it’s a teabag! They should concentrate on hitting back than letting their feelings get to them. Fighting is not nice. Sometimes my opponents laugh because it looks funny to them. It’s strange how a teabag can get someone mad in real life.

Clearly you are missing what I am saying.

So I’m just gonna bow out of this conversation.



There’s at least two other threads, including a mega-taunting and teabagging thread already to cover this topic.

As already mentioned, there’s little need to bring this up in another thread. Please use the search function to find threads that could have already been created for a topic you’re already questioning about.

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