I don't get this mode

Why another AI mode? Does this mode at least have some kind of multiplayer pvp action? i could see this mode being potentially fun if it were like teams vs teams and leaderboards of the best teams or something, like shadow lords vs the night guard and whoever wins the most in a month either corrupts earth entirely or saves the earth (night guard). other then that I see this as another pointless AI survival mode, When can we get competitive modes like team or tournament :confused:

There is a multiplayer version of this coming on release.

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Primarily because before this KI really hasn’t had a single player mode that you could really sink your teeth into. Up until now most of the AI modes as you call it have been kinda quick filler to patch up the fact that there wasn’t much of a single player game to KI, especially not in comparison to most other fighting games. Now there will be.


If they just copied MK’s faction mode people would cry that its a ripoff, at least this has some originality.

Well SL has good replay value. Unlike MK’s where it’s more or a less a one and done deal. But of course that depends on the person.

In the future if KI can have the gameplay of SL and the cinemtatic of MK and SF then it would be perfect.


Agreed on that one, hopefully someday this gets that kind of treatment.

There is a multiplayer version of the mode coming where you can fight people using the buffs you obtain.

Well if IG gets the money, I’m sure they can make it happen.

That’s so dumb lol a ripoff of modifiers from mkx

How the hell is it a ripoff if that’s been around for years

How is that a rip off of MKX? Modifiers have been around in other games for years.

Which games?


You suggested that KI have a faction mode, MKX has a faction mode. If KI added one people would obviously liken it to the MK version. Neither of those two games have been around for years.

SFxT, Smash, Marvel. Actually, speaking of Marvel, the Heroes and Heralds mode was doing factions right before MKX, if you really want to call rip off theres that.


Add 3rd Strike to the list of games that let you modify the rules.

I’m really grateful for this mode. I’m not a fan of online and although survival is fun this feels more fresh and has some variety. It’s also going to encourage me to use characters that I wouldn’t normally pick

I love this mode. I enjoy online but I have and will always prefer the single-player experience. So, for people like me, this is truly welcoming.

This is a troll thread. You can’t post this:

And then immediately follow it with this

There’s at least two existing threads where the OP can post his distaste for the idea of SL. It doesn’t need it’s own vanity thread.


Troll thread because it’s not glory to KI this glory to KI that

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He’s not saying that. He’s saying why create a thread to express your dislike for Shadow Lords, when there is one already up for feedback and such?