I desperately need help!

I have been playing Killer Instinct for about a week, and started playing online about 2 days ago… My record is like 6-30 at least 20 of them being supreme victories. I got into fighting games about 2 or 3 years ago, and I know with my level of experience I don’t expect to win much. Losing is fine but I just get bodied (and tea-bagged) so brutally every single time and I don’t know what I am doing wrong! So please I need help a coach or something. Don’t want to be the single worst KI player in the world anymore :sob:

Did you do the dojo mode? That helps you with the game a lot by teaching you the basics of Killer Instinct. If you need specific help, I got you covered with http://ki.infil.net/ Go here and you will learn a lot.


You can also add some of the members of the forums for some help we are a friendly bunch. If you want you can add me and I’ll see what I can do my GT: is REYNOSO FUA11 however I will warn you I’m not always online, also who is your main if you have one?

You are prob not ready for online play to dominate your play time. I recommend shadow lab and just a tid bit of online with friends and work your way up to a more competitive online level. Playing at a high level could get you frustrated and discouraged early in your KI career.

Like Sasuke said…you must finish the Dojo and go back through the challenges a few times so they stick. Watch a lot of videos, read a ton of threads, and just practice against shadows so you dont get upset if you loose or get tea bagged.

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I did go through the whole dojo mode and I actually found that guide last night XP. It is proving to be helpful!

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I’d be happy to do a set with you and provide advice where needed as well. Listen to Sasuke, in particular though. He’s right about dojo mode and Infil’s site. Both are absolutely fantastic resources for gaining a better understanding. The combo system is not like other FGs - it’s fundamentally different, and that takes some getting used to.

practice, and learn from your self. watch you replay and dont do the same thing over and over.

1st learn to block…
2nd learn combo breackers on time.
3, mix your combos…

I guess I did jump the gun with going online, I started doing so because the computer is just super defensive so I didn’t think very much from that. But if you guys are saying that the shadows are a good training tool then I will definitely spend more time there thanks a bunch everyone :grinning: I sometimes forget the FGC has good people.


Fighting the AI is good for getting muscle memory down and having a moving target, but it doesn’t fall for mix ups (though it can be figured out). It also helps learning how to break.
However, Practice and Shadow Lab are the way to go for in depth learning, and friends can help too. Feel free to add any of the people you see here for some friendly matches!

Keep prqacticing freind you’ll get there. If ya need help come to the forums and talk with us on the character forums. You’ll find tips on MUs and some tips on how you play your favorite character :smiley: you called for help it shall arrive!

BTW if you need to: Set the CPU’s difficulty to Begginner :3 you can access that option by pressing “Y” on the character select screen.

Good luck! and welcome to Killer Instinct!

As a fellow player of only middling/mediocre skill, I can second everyone’s suggestion of fighting in Shadow Lab to improve. If you’re starting out, playing other humans is going to be HARD. The easiest you can make it is to go to Exhibition mode and search for Qualifiers to Bronze. Those will most likely (though not always) pair you up with similar new or low-skill players.

Playing the AI, honestly, is not going to really be that helpful (at least if your goal is to ultimately fight other humans). It’s fine letting you practice doing special moves and combos in a “live” setting, but the behavior of the AI is really nothing like humans at all. They can block moves and block sequences that most humans simply cannot do (reliably anyway). There is almost no concept of “human reaction time”, as it reads your input and responds to your moves in literally milliseconds.

Shadow Lab, however, is the great middle ground. It’s not as wildly unpredictable (and difficult) as humans are, but it also uses human tendencies to model its game. They really act and feel like humans, though only “shadows” of humans – similar tendencies, but simply not as skilled. It also doesn’t learn or adapt at all to your game style. Overall, a reasonable enough compromise between human and AI fighting. So for a beginning player, it is a GREAT training ground.

I suggest you go to Single Player > Survivial > Shadow Survival. Don’t skip tiers until you’re ready. Start off with you favorite characters, be sure you’re on the 50 SP tier, and just see how many you can beat. Set goals for yourself (for example, when learning a new character I set a goal of winning 10 in a row in Shadow Survival, but if it’s a character that’s totally not my style maybe I’ll set a goal of 5 or 7 or whatever). Then start skipping tiers once those 50 SP ones are too easy. One nice benefit is you’ll get a random selection of opponents… unlike in low-level ranked mode where it’s like 80% Jago. Another benefit of this mode is not having to search and wait for matches. You get to play “human-ish” players almost instantly and as much as you want, at any time of the day.

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New to fighters? Then fundamentals: blocks , throw/techtrow, anti air. Know how to move and then attack. This along with being aware of what your character can do to (now the normals and specials).

Also a very but very good thing is to watch players that are good with a character you like. Also they don’t need to be great, but good enough so you can learn what they do in X situation. They would also perform combos and techniques you can use as a base to then find your own style.

Then it comes down to practice all this, use the shadow lab, I think is better to have and idea of what “humans players do” before going to ranked and have a very bad time. If you can find someone to play a bit it would also help. But in the end it depends on you to keep on going. You will get better but it takes it’s time. Specially when you are more focused on your performace since this will be a bother trying to make good read against your rivals.

About the people being je…ks to you with the t…ing with no provocation from your part: shame on them.

Start with Jago if you don’t use him already.

I firmly believe Jago is the core to fundamentals because he has everything you need to understand the basics of fighting games.

Let’s say you start with Shadow Jago, you will most likely learn some bad habits like abusing his cross up or slide just because they are harder to react to.

Jago as a basis helps you understand core mechanics so that once you feel comfortable, you can branch out with existing knowledge of any character.

If you have trouble fighting against a particular character, take that character into training (playing as them) and learn what makes them tick, so that in the future you can make that ticking stop.

I’m happy to help where I can, even though I won’t be on all the time to assist. Feel free to message me and we can work something out - I play Fulgore and can at least try and give you match up experience in a friendly training environment.

You’ll get better with time man. Just keep practicing; and like everyone else is saying, dojo mode, shadow labs, and shadow survival are great at helping you improve your skill level. I’ve had the game since the day it launched and played against only the CPU for like the first two years plus because playing online always made me super anxious and I’d be filled with anxiety the entire time for some reason which I didn’t like. Recently I’ve kind of gotten over that and have been playing online a but more, but I’m only a gladiator, and I don’t get too wrapped up in being frustrated because I’m not a killler or whatever. Just have fun with it, you’ll get their in time.

If you Add me on xbox Id be willing too go a few sets with ya an help you out.

Good advice in here already. Try fighting shadows instead of the standard AI, which generally only trains bad habits.

Otherwise make sure when you have a fun, competitive match to send that player a friend request and then ask to play a set. That way you can get more practice against someone of a similar skill while learning the game against human opponents. As you get better, keep trying to friend better players.

But be realistic. I’m a 20 year fighting game bet (closer to 25) who picked up KI on day 1. My current record in ranked matches for this months killer rankings is about 9:19. Chances are you are going to lose a lot of online matches in ranked because there’s some ferocious competitors in there.