I Cracked The Code

So, season 1 had a red theme to it, right? Season 2 has a blue theme, right? What do you get if you mix red and blue? Purple. Go home guys. It’s over. Gargos confirmed.

Oh and btw: https://twitter.com/Ishmae1/status/705153581918236673


My Girlyfriend is going to be thrilled :stuck_out_tongue: Purple is her favorite color.

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Hmm, it all makes sense now because if you take a look at the original Killer Instinct S3 art…

You will notice something particular about the “K” that is more noticeable with the KI font over a regular “K” as shown here…

So, if you take a closer look you will see an answer we’ve all been waiting for…

Our next guest character is?!


Couldn’t help myself - terribly sorry. On a serious note, that is a really cool catch - I didn’t think about the color mix. Either way, purple is a awesome color to show how vibrant the new season is.


Mira tease will be John Cena, confirmed.