I couldn't resist showcasing this stick...show me yours!

Just finished up the template on this sweet Razer ATROX mod!! Props to KrizmKazm for the amazing art!!


Wondering if you guys have something that can top this greatness!


that’s a lot of green!

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Heck yeah!! Couldn’t resist, it being my favorite color and all. :heart_eyes:

Maya is so b adass. She’s the reason I have hope for Kim.

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It’s Sadira, Maya, Sako, and Kim. Those will be my mains for this game, I just showcased Maya well…because she’s freaking Maya :kissing_heart:

Love the green…Krizm is the best. I have a few of his as well on my TE2, but this stick shown is my main.

Fall of Seraphs “Omen” SVC custom.



Yea I hope hisako snaginata shadow inspires Kim’s nunchaku slice where she slaps the nunchaku multiple times on the opponent ‘KOOH!’

Not going to lie that Omen stick is beast to the point I’d buy a red and black Fulgore stick.


Let me tell you…Kim Wu makes me wanna get a purple theme to it at some time!

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Alright alright you win!! ;D No seriously, that’s one sexy stick. I never got to put some LED mods on it but hey thems the brakes I guess >-<

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My TE2 doesn’t have lights, but this one was built from the ground up…all wood box, all hand made, i went all out… the only thing i didn’t do was have the actual light inside the artwork itself…wishing i would have spent the extra 50$ to have it done that way. maybe next time.

I have about 12 of Krizms art template i swap out on my TE2…i just never use it

You will get some lights eventually LOL… you wont be able to resist it!

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i have a qanba Q1. getting ready for the pc release. was gonna put spinal on it but the print shop i went to couldnt print it out looking good. on top of that the only template i can find online seems to be of a slightly different model. enough to throw off the entire thing. eventually ill pick up a TE2 and probably pay someone to customize it for me.

on that note though i would love to see if someone has a spinal stick.

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I would show you mine…


Here here! If I can just get my hands on some green LED’s…ughghsd!

Great investment, if you really wanted it. And especially if you wanna use it, that investment though, but it’s worth it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Wow! Very nice! Love the green and that ball top is beautiful! I’ve got a custom stick built by the one and only XxStanTheManxX. I’ll post a pic in a few.

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Sweet, brother! Can’t wait to take a gander at it, and thanks, I’m very happy with it :laughing:

Great choice, the Omen stick above is from Stan as well. I couldnt be happier. Plays amazing compared to the TE2…you will see :smile:


How do you like the feel for it? Have you shaved down your Head phone jack to fit into the head phone input? That’s kind of a ■■■■■ to pull off and a disappointment I wasn’t expecting when i purchased the stick…but owell.