I cant play the game .. cant invite pleople or lobby.. the server is up but i cant notting


what is happener with the server? why i cant play on my xbox or my pc


Are you having trouble loading a game? Or with KI? If the servers are up but you can’t play, try resetting your Xbox. Like completely off and hard reset it.


I’m having the same problem. I can launch the game, but I am not able to play against other people. @MandrillManiac and I had this issue over the weekend. It’s a pain.


I’m so done with this ■■■■■■ game! I’ve been trying to solve so many bugs, but it seems to me that iron galaxy nor Microsoft don’t care about these bugs. I’m playing the game when all of a sudden, I get expelled and besides, I lose points. Already tried a hard reset, already uninstalled and installed the game back again and the bugs are still there. ■■■■ you iron galaxy and Microsoft. I just bought the console to play KI just like i did when i bought the Nintendo 64.


Sadly IG is no longer supporting this game. All fixes have to come on MS’s end.