I cant play online (CURSE YOU TEREDO)

I have exhausted almost everything about teredo command prompts various restarts read all the official support asked twitter support, reddit everything does anyone ANYONE have any idea how to fix this its been a real headache, and i bought the ultra edition but i cant even get into a match and its this teredo thing. im guessing i need a new router at this point but

make sure you dont have hamachi installed. If you do uninstall it and do all the teredo fixes again. I had the same issue. Hamachi makes an extra network in you sharing center and screws with everything. I thought i needed a new router too but it turns out that hamachi was just messing everything up. Hope this helps.

go to start , type run , open run , type services.msc , head to ip helper service , rightclick on it properties then make it automatic , then start the service , should work if you have done the cmd commands