I can't login to the game all of a sudden?

I play in windows 10 pc.

I would run the game, press enter, then syncing shadows and stuff is written.

Normally would take about 5~8 seconds.

I waited for more than 30 minutes. I just can’t get pass that to login.

Anybody know where the location of Killerinstinct game is installed on ?
Because I can’t see killerinstinct on any of my folders.

I can’t even make a shortcut icon.

So I just search on the search bar and run it.

I can run the game but won’t go pass the syncing shadows anymore.

I’m thinking reinstalling might be the only option left now. But 50gb is a crazy big space to reinstall through
online downloading. (I figured out it is 50gb somehow. I can’t find the folder so I had a hard time
knowing how much space it even takes. And now I forgot how I found out how much space it takes.)

I don’t know why a fighting game would take 50gb of space.
I think fighting games would take less space. Even witcher 3 was like 30gb in a vast world.

btw I once used microsoft outlook email to make an account for this game and got locked for
secure reason. Guess outlook gets hacked easily ? Even though it’s the official microsoft email account
to play a microsoft partnered xbox games like killerinstinct.

And lost all of my items in shadow lords.

Every so often, either the XBL servers or KI servers have some problems. It may just be because of that, so i suggest trying again in a while. If not that, then reinstalling is probably your only choice.

Just because its an open world doesn’t necessarily mean it has intensive assets everywhere, in fact you can get away with a lot more in that kind of game as opposed to a 2D fighter where all assets and effects are on display all the time.