I can't find matches anymore

After having a two month long break, I cant find any matches, though I could before. I turned off/on firewall, even turned on Windows defender and security services again, but no results at all. I don’t have any Hamachi or similar to it software, I turn off 3rd party anti-virus before playing the game. But I stiil can’t play in multiplayer.
Is there anything to fix it?

everything else is working except KI?


Go here, https://support.xbox.com/en-US/xbox-on-windows/social/troubleshoot-party-chat

and do the 2nd solution :slight_smile:

this fixed it for me :wink:

Unfortunately, this did not work for me.

I’ve been in the same boat since the Gargos patch. I rarely find online matches any more and when I do it is Bronze or Gold players. I rarely play Killers.

Nat is Open. All other games work fine. It can take up 15 minutes to get a match.

Can confirm that none of this solutions from:
Did not help me in the slightest. Though I did not check the last option, because my router is from different manufacturer, and there should be no change to any of it option. I try with the router, if I would have any possibility to set it.

teredo issue does not help me on support.xbox. i tried anything to be honest i even search reddit but still same.

There was no properly written solution which was used to solve my problem, so I would write it here:
Go to Regedit
Go to the key:


And change the value of “DisabledComponents” to 0.
It works again now.

This is how you fix it fast https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vpDPpF_EC_s

Saved my life !!! Thank you !